Passport to Success Program

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Starting Fall 2017, The Division of Student Affairs is implementing a new program for all UNTHSC students called the Passport to Success Program. The Passport to Success program is designed to foster your personal and professional development.

To participate, students need to attend 5 passport-approved events in a semester and upon completion, will be classified as a Passport Scholar. Successful students will receive valuable participation experience in unique activities and a certificate of completion.

Passport-approved events will have the Passport to Success logo on the flyer. When attending an activity, be sure to sign-in with your ID badge to track your attendance. If you would like to keep a personal record of your attendance, feel free to use the template here:

Passport to Success Attendance Form

Testimonials from Past Events

“I think the main take away for me, was to simply ask rather than assume. This will help when I interact with diverse populations and, as a tutor, it will help reach a common understanding faster so our time will be more efficient.”
– Tavisty Tarkenton, TCOM student

“This will help me step back from my life and properly identify when something is present that I do not want in my life. Then, instead of simply being frustrated with it, I can use these steps to work through this and implement change that can hopefully benefit myself as a whole as well as my future patients or students who I tutor!”
– Blake Harrell, TCOM student

“This event will be helpful in creating good habits and breaking bad habits. I can use this for myself and also help coach my patients to make similar life changes.”
– Ryan Flaherty, TCOM student

“I think the information will be helpful in taking care of myself so I can perform my best while maintaining a healthy body and mind.”
– Tavisty Tarkenton, TCOM student

“Goal setting is one of the most important aspect that helps you keep track of your progress. To deal with the demanding situation of graduate life, it is important to set realistic and achievable goals on time-to-time basis. This session has helped me with this aspect of my life and with practice will make it the integral part of my life.”
– Shruti Patil, GSBS student


This page was last modified on July 28, 2017