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Physician Assistant (PA)

Orientation Dates

PA Class of 2020 Orientation Dates: July 11th-12th, 2017 

Immunization Requirements

Immunization requirements for ALL UNTHSC students can be found here.  

Screening for tuberculosis is an annual requirement of all UNTHSC students. Students who have not received a vaccination against tuberculosis or who have not tested positive in the past to tuberculosis can easily be screened for tuberculosis via a skin test (PPD). Skin tests will be provided at several events on campus. This service is completely free and optional. Those who do not attend the mass screening events must get screened by their primary care provider by skin test, blood test, or chest x-ray. New students must provide 2 skin tests due to the boosting effect of latent tuberculosis. This means that new students may need to get an additional skin test after their first screening. More information can be found on the website: Questions about immunization and screening requirements can be made to

White Coat Ceremony

All incoming DO, DPT and PA students must attend.  Please click here for more information on White Coat Ceremony.

Booklists will be provided to you before classes begin usually 4 weeks prior to the first day of class.

Here are a few guidelines which you may wish to consider as you purchase your textbooks:

[1] Consider buying used textbooks from current students at the beginning of each semester.

[2] Some of your textbooks might be available for free through our campus library. If a textbook is available for free through the library, the booklist will indicate that information.

[3] Don’t be afraid to consult current students within your program for advice on textbooks and about the possibility of borrowing/buying their books.

[4] The Online Bookstore usually has enough of the required textbooks in stock.  UNTHSC does not have an on-campus bookstore.  However, we do offer an Online Bookstore for students to purchase or rent new and used textbooks:

Additional offerings include Digital Textbooks and specially priced Microsoft and Adobe software.

UNT Health Science Center and Alumni Association merchandise are also available for purchase through the Online Bookstore.  Shop the website to purchase a t-shirt, car decal, coffee mug and much more!

Required HIPAA & CITI Training

All incoming PA students need to complete HIPAA Training. HIPAA Training will be available for completion during the week of orientation. Instructions on how to complete this training will be communicated via email.

All incoming PA students are required to complete CITI training prior to New Student Orientation. Be prepared to turn in your CITI training certificate of completion during New Student Orientation. Click HERE for more information. 

The instructions for registering and completing the CITI Training is available HERE

CITI Training for Continuing Education: When you create a new account with CITI, one of the steps mentions Continuing Education (CE) credits.  Unless you would like the CE credit, you need to check “NO” regarding CE.  There is a charge for CE credit that you will be responsible for paying if you select “YES”.  The required CITI Human Subjects Research Training course does not cost anything to students.


All incoming PA students will receive a university-issued technology package. More information about your technology package can be found HERE

Background Checks

As a new PA student, you are required to complete a criminal background check prior to New Student Orientation. You will receive an email that instructs you on how to complete the background check. Click here to view the email notification. Please do not attempt to complete the background check until you receive the email.

If you need assistance locating your Student ID Number, please click here for instructions.

Note: You will not have access to the site to submit your background check until you have been officially accepted into the PA Studies program. 

Medical Equipment

As a convenience, Welch AllynHeine and MDF Equipment will be on-campus with equipment available for purchase during New Student Orientation. Students are not required to purchase equipment from these vendors, but should be prepared to  purchase equipment the week of New Student Orientation so that it will be delivered in time for class use.

Alternatives are available at such websites as

Contact Information for Heine:
1-800-367-4872 or 1-800-367-4872

Pre- Matriculation

Pre-Matriculation workshops are not required but are highly recommended for incoming PA students. The workshops generally take place during the two weeks prior to New Student Orientation. The website for the Pre-Matriculation courses – Click HERE.

The full schedule, workshop descriptions, pricing and registration information will be available on the website.


You do not need to register for your classes. PA students are placed in their classes each semester.

Student Veterans Information

As we prepare for the upcoming school year, we would like to invite our incoming military affiliated students (veterans, reserve, active, etc.) to learn about the veteran and military-specific resources and opportunities that are available here at UNTHSC. More information about opportunities to learn about these resources will be provided prior to new student orientation.

Admissions Office

UNT Health Science Center
School of Health Professions Admissions
Student Services Building, Suite 130
3500 Camp Bowie Blvd
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Phone: 817-735-2003 or 817-735-2003
Fax: 817-735-2529

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