2016 Orientation Leaders

Meet your 2016 Orientation Leaders!


Competitively selected from among UNTHSC’s student body, Orientation Leaders attend training that prepares them to answer questions and lead students during New Student Orientation. Whether giving a tour, leading an OL activity, presenting a session or simply answering a question, the Orientation Leaders are well-equipped to assist you during your transiting into the UNTHSC Community.


Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences – Medical Sciences


 Cameron Beck  Tommy Foster  Sarah Gallagher

Cameron Beck

Advice for incoming students: If you truly want to be successful here at UNTHSC, utilize the abundant resources and support offered by the university faculty and staff.


Tommy Foster

Most exciting thing about orientation: Meeting new people and getting to know the program ahead of you. 

Sarah Gallagher

Favorite quote or motto: Humanity should be our race. Love should be our religion.

 Alex Lam  Erica Onwuebuchu  Raaga Vemula

Alex Lam

Most exciting thing about Orientation: Showing the new kids around the block!

Erica Onwuegbuchu

Advice for incoming students: Don’t ever doubt your intelligence. You are here for a reason despite how rigorous the classes may seem.

Raaga Vemula

Favorite quote or motto: The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.


Department of Physical Therapy

 Jamie Guzman  Jenna Lorentsen

Jamie Guzman

Advice for incoming students: Take one day at a time.


Jenna Lorentsen

Most exciting thing about Orientation:  To make the new incoming students proud of choosing to attend UNTHSC!

 Londyn Miner

 Matt Pennucci

Londyn Miner

Favorite quote or motto: Be the storm!

Matt Pennucci

Advice for incoming students: Be open and willing to get to know others in your class; you’ll be seeing a lot of each other for the next two years.

Physician Assistant Studies


 Jenna Burchfield  William Morgan

Jenna Burchfield

Favorite quote or motto: It all works out in the end.

William Morgan

Advice for incoming students: You are going to be studying more now than you ever did in undergrad! Be sure to make a schedule and stick to it.  You will be grateful you did when those weeks full of exams come around.

 Grant Morgan  Meagan Raschke

Grant Morgan

Most exciting thing about Orientation:  Meeting the new classmates and getting excited about UNTHSC.

Meagan Raschke

Advice for incoming students: Accept that you may have to learn new everything – new ways to study, a new town, and new friends


School of Public Health


 Avinash Cheruku  Chris Dieyi

Avinash Cheruku

Advice for incoming students: Take advice, but do what’s right for you.

Christopher Dieyi

Most exciting thing about orientation: Orientation is a first step to getting inspired, feeling like part of something big, and getting excited about providing solutions to the world’s health problems!

 Deepti Joshi  Victoria Kwentua

Deepti Joshi

Most exciting thing about orientation:  Watching new faces with big dreams in their eyes!

Victoria Kwentua

Advice for incoming students: You get out what you put into UNTHSC, so get involved! Join clubs, do research, talk to your peers and your professors.

Dishani Shah

Taksh Shah

Dishani Shah

Favorite quote or motto: The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today.

Taksh Shah

Most exciting thing about orientation:  We get to hear what you have to say!

School of Pharmacy


 Crystal Anyiam  Ryan Boyle

Crystal Anyiam

Advice for incoming students: Take advantage of every resource and opportunity UNTHSC has to offer.

Ryan Boyle

Advice for incoming students: Be bold.

 Brianna Cobern  Kiara Fairman

Brianna Cobern

Most exciting thing about orientation: Meeting so many new people and all the free food!

Kiara Fairman

Advice for incoming students:  It can be overwhelming but the information will begin to sink in.

 Renee Hart  Catherine Tolar

Renee Hart

Advice for incoming students: Don’t procrastinate; take time every day to prepare for the next day’s material and review what you went through.

Catherine Tolar

Favorite quote or motto If it was easy, everyone would do it.

Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine

 Shelby Beem  Kara Black  Isadora Cabral

Shelby Beem

Advice for incoming students: Keep your life balanced and take care of your basic needs first before studying; it will make studying more enjoyable and easier.


Kara Black

Most exciting thing about orientation: Making new friends!


Isadora Cabral

Favorite saying or motto: Never leave that till tomorrow which you can do today.

 Joaquin Castillo Marroquin  Ryan Flaherty  Justin Haloot

Joaquin Castillo Marroquin

Advice for incoming students: Go on a trip, take a vacation, sit a home and do nothing for a period of time just before school. I think it is very important to come into TCOM with a clean mind and a relaxed state.


Ryan Flaherty

Most exciting thing about orientation:  Orientation is a great opportunity to meet classmates with whom you’ll spend four years at medical school and colleagues with whom you’ll work alongside for your entire profession.


Justin Haloot

Advice for incoming students:  Whenever you feel bogged down by school, take a moment, look back at why you wanted to become a doctor, and realize that you’re one step closer!


 Blake Harrell  Jordan Huxall  Jordan Ingerson

Blake Harrell

Favorite quote or motto: Failure happens, but quitting is not an option.

Jordan Huxall

Advice for incoming students: Leaning on one another for support is not only expected, but ENCOURAGED!


Jordan Ingerson

Most exciting thing about orientation: The excitement and joy of starting upon a new adventure is palpable at Orientation!


 Elissa Peckham  Kat Pham  Chloe Regalado

Elissa Peckham

Favorite quote or motto: Enjoy yourself, keep your brain in your head, and you head attached to your body; body active and alive.


Kat Pham

Advice for incoming students:  Because med school can become really stressful, make sure that you have an outlet to keep you sane.


Chloe Regalado

Advice for incoming students: Work hard, but try not to take yourself too seriously.

Samantha Severson

Samantha Severson

Favorite saying or motto: “She believed she could so she did”


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