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Alleesia Isom Hsc Student ProfileAlleesia Isom

Third-year DPT student

What is your major?
I am third-year student in the HSC Doctor of Physical Therapy program.  

What is a fun fact about you?
A fun fact about me is I have run the New York City Marathon and the Berlin Marathon. My goal is to run all 6 world major marathons!  

What is an identity you’re proud to share with others at HSC?
An identify I am proud to share with others is my faith in Jesus Christ. He is my foundation for everything I do and the decisions I make.  

What attracted you to HSC?
I earned my bachelor’s degree from UNT in Denton and knew I could trust HSC to provide the highest quality of education for me to become the best Physical Therapist possible!  

How have you gotten involved on campus?
Being an Orientation Leader helped me feel the most connected on campus. It provided me an opportunity to work with other students in different programs and it allowed me to be an example for the incoming PT class. I have enjoyed reconnecting with many of them in passing throughout the year and hearing all the great things they are doing.  

What advice would you give to a student who is looking to make the most of their time at HSC?
Some advice I would give to a student who is looking to make the most of their time at HSC would be to join any student groups they are interested in, participate in school functions, run as an officer in their program, apply to be an orientation leader, volunteer to join in research opportunities, etc. These are experiences unique to HSC and they allow valuable connections beyond a program’s curriculum.  

How has your HSC experience been so far?
My experience at HSC has been edifying. I started my first year during the pandemic and majority of my class time was on Zoom. It was difficult to connect and feel seen. I realized I wanted to be a part of the solution and create change. This allowed me to take on a leadership role in my program and help cultivate a more positive culture. My time as HSC has showed me my voice is valuable and I can be confident and successful in leadership roles.  

What are your plans after you finish at HSC?
My plans after I graduate from HSC is to join a travel PT company and continue to learn from other professionals around the country. Once I gain valuable experience in the PT industry, I would love to start my own DPT program and help students in their journey to be the best PT possible!