DSAA Leadership Team

The DSAA team is committed to the HSC values and working alongside each of you. We strive to be collaborative and inclusive, working with campus partners to build your connections. We are excited to meet and walk the HSC journey with you! 

Heads Up

Dr. Trisha Van Duser

Senior Vice Provost, Student and Academic Affairs
SSC 223
La'cresha Moore

Dr. La’Cresha Moore

Assistant Vice Provost, Student and Academic Success
SSC 221
Nicki Mcgee

Dr. Nicki McGee

Assistant Vice Provost, Enrollment Management
SSC 222
Robert Haight

Dr. Robert Haight

Assistant Vice Provost, University Assessment and Accreditation
EAD 206
Emily Mire

Dr. Emily Mire

Executive Director, Student and Academic Success
SSC 227
Heads Up Day November 2017

Dr. Tanisha Arrington

Executive Director, Planning & Decision Support
EAD 284
Amanda Griffith

Amanda Griffith

Executive Director of Admissions
SSC 161
Damian Torres | Headshots | Plano, Texas

Damian Torres

Executive Director, Student Engagement and Experience
SSC 226
Meagan Cross

Meagan Cross

Academic and Business Manager
SSC 225
Kory Levingston

Kory Levingston

Director, Title IX Compliance
EAD 286
Vicki Cleveland September 14, 2021 Unt Health Science Center Hsc

Vicki Cleveland

Director, Planning and Decision Support
EAD 283
Maurice Wadlington

Maurice Wadlington

Director, Accreditation
EAD 287
Valerie Johnson

Valerie Johnson

Director, Outcomes Assessment
EAD 282
Liz Medders

Elizabeth Medders

Director, Enrollment Management
SSC 243
Latarra Lewis

LaTarra Lewis

Director, Enrollment and Records
SSC 242
Caroline Hunter

Caroline Hunter

Director of Admissions, Application Processing
SSC 171
Beth Hargrove

Beth Hargrove

Director of Admissions, Technology and Systems
SSC 131
Rebeca Perfecto, Unt Health Science Center. Hsc. January 19, 2021

Rebeca Perfecto

Director of Admissions, Recruitment
SSC 182
Joseph Sanchez

Joseph Sanchez

Director, Financial Aid
SSC 155
Valuability Portraits For February

Kristina Clark

Director, Center for Academic Performance
SSC 265
Rebel Jones

Rebel Jones

Director, Testing and Evaluation
SSC 282
Andrew Arvay

Andrew Arvay

Director, Office of Care and Civility
SSC 204
Jimmy Renfro

Jimmy Renfro

Director, Career Center
SSC 207
Lori Saunders

Lori Saunders

Director, Student Development
SSC 201
Brandie Wiley

Brandie Wiley

Director, Office of Disability Access
SSC 266
Abroad International Studies Staff Portraits

Stephanie Hernandez

Director, International Services
SSC 210
Jeremy Joseph, Student Services Associate, Student Affairs

Jeremy Joseph

Director, Student Assistance Resource Center
SSC 200D
Cameka Wilkins

Cameka Wilkins

Senior Executive Assistant
SSC 220