Frequently Asked Questions

How do I request accommodations?

If you are an accepted and enrolled student of HSC with a diagnosed disability, you fill out an online application and submit documentation supporting your need for accommodations. Guidelines for documentation and even forms your provider can fill out are on the ODA website. Once the application and documentation have been submitted, please schedule an Accommodation Registration appointment with the ODA to discuss your request.

Is there a deadline to request accommodations?

There is no deadline to request accommodations. However, approved accommodations are not retroactive, so it is wise to register with the ODA as soon as possible. Students who wait often express regret for delaying.

I’m unsure if I want or need accommodations, but I do have a disability. Should I register with your office?

Maybe! Registering with the ODA does not mean you will have to use accommodations, but it could be a good idea because should you need to use them in the future, you will have much of the process done. We encourage you to have a confidential conversation with the helpful and friendly staff in our office for more information as it relates to your individual situation.

I received accommodations at my previous institution. Will I receive the same accommodations here?

Maybe! You are welcome to request the same accommodations you received previously when you apply for accommodations at HSC. After you submit your application and documentation, and then meet with us, we will go through an interactive process, looking at your individual circumstances as they relate to your program to determine appropriate accommodations.

If I receive accommodations, will it show up on my transcript or diploma?

We do not share this information on your transcript or diploma.

Am I able to receive accommodations if my classes are all online?

Yes, many online students utilize accommodations.

I think I may have a disability. Do you provide testing?

We do not provide testing on our campus.

Can you help me with a temporary disability or medical condition?

It is likely! Schedule an informational meeting with us to learn more on how we may be able to help with your situation, or follow the registration process.

Is pregnancy a disability?

Pregnancy, itself, is not a disability under the ADA. However, if you have a pregnancy-related impairment that is considered a disability under the ADA, you are entitled to reasonable accommodations. Please, schedule an appointment with an ODA staff member, and we will be happy to talk about your individual situation. Further information about the HSC Pregnancy policy (unrelated to ODA accommodations) can be found here.

How often do I need to request accommodations?

Students are required to meet with and ODA staff member and request accommodations each semester.

What if I need new or different accommodations later in the semester?

Should your circumstances change at any time, schedule an appointment with us. Please note that new accommodations may require updated documentation from your provider. Accommodations are not set in stone, and your accommodation needs can be addressed as often as you would like or need. We are more than happy to help!

I have additional questions. Is there someone I can speak to before deciding whether to register or not?

Of course! Please schedule a confidential, informational meeting with us. We’ll happily answer your questions to help you make the best decision for you.