• Change of Major/Funding– Use this form to request a change of major or funding on your I-20.
  • CPT Application Form – Use this when participating in off-campus course work, such as practicum, internship, or practice experience. This must be submitted and approved *BEFORE* starting employment. In order to apply for CPT, students must submit the CPT Application Form and a job offer letter from their potential employer on company letterhead, which must include the following information:
  1. Your full name
  2. Company name and address (physical address, not a P.O. Box)
  3. Position title with the job description
  4. Supervisor’s name, phone number, and e-mail address
  5. Number of hours per week to be worked
  6. Start Date and End Date
  • Dependent I-20 Request – Use this to add a dependent child or spouse to your SEVIS file.
  • DS-2019 Request– Departments use this to request documents for incoming J visa holders.
  • DS-2019 Extension Request– Departments use this to request additional time for J visa holders.
  • Employment Letter Template – Use this when you need to get a social security number for the first time. You have your employer complete this letter and then bring it to the International Student Services Office.
  • Ending Studies– Use this when transferring to a new school or returning home permanently.
  • Status Letter– Use this to request a visa status letter for a visa interview or verification of your F-1 status
  • Initial Attendance I-20 – This is the form that must be completed by newly admitted students so that an initial attendance I-20 can be produced for you. Please refer to the Cost of Attendance budget sheets for your specific program to determine the amount for which you must provide financial documentation.
  • Invitation Letter – Commencement – Use this template when requesting an invitation letter to invite relatives to visit you.
  • I-20 Extension – Use this to request an extension to your  I-20 program end date *BEFORE* your current end date.
  • Less than Full-Time Enrollment/Reduce Course Load – Use this when you would like to make a request to drop below full-time for a medical or academic reason.
  • Reprint of I-20– Use this form if your I-20 has been lost, stolen, damaged, or your travel endorsements are full.
  • Travel Endorsement Form – Current international students should use this form to request a Travel Endorsement on their I-20. *You will only need a travel signature on page 2 of the I-20 if you are traveling internationally. If you already have a signature on your I-20, that signature (on page 2) is valid for 1 year. If currently on Post-Completion or STEM Extension OPT, the signature is valid for 6 months.
  • Social Security Letter Request– Use this form to request a letter verifying employment for a Social Security Number.
  • OPT Employment Reporting Form – Use this form to fulfill OPT employment reporting requirements. You will need to report employment if you have a NEW employer, are switching employers, and need to verify your current employer (usually every 6 months).
  • 12-month OPT I-20 Request – Use this form to request an I-20 for OPT.  Please contact the International Services Office for full further instructions.
  • 24 Month OPT STEM Extension- Use this form to request an I-20 for STEM OPT.  Please contact the International Services Office as you must submit your I-983 training plan.