FAC Policies & Standards of Conduct

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FAC Policies and Procedures

Policy Statement

It is the policy of the Office of Health Promotion and the Founders’ Activity Center to promote health and wellness while encouraging members to engage in safe conduct while participating in health promotion activities and events and while utilizing recreational facilities. Accordingly, in addition to encouraging members to use good judgment, the Office of Health Promotion has adopted this policy and authorized the Founders’ Activity Center to approve rules designed to encourage safe behavior on the part of current members of the Founders’ Activity Center.

Application of Policy

This policy applies to all Founders’ Activity Center members including enrolled students, university alumni, community members, corporate members, dependents, university employees, and university retirees who utilize the recreational facility.

For purposes of this policy, an activity or event is organized and sponsored by the Office of Health Promotion when it has been planned, funded and properly approved by the appropriate university official.

Procedures and Responsibilities


Any personal training performed in the Founders’ Activity Center must only be instructed by an approved FAC personal trainer. Any paid personal training performed within the facility by someone other than an FAC employee is strictly prohibited. Children under the age of 16 are not permitted to utilize fitness equipment, group exercise classes, or observe recreational activities within the Founders’ Activity Center under any circumstances. Smoking, use of tobacco products, or alcoholic beverages are not allowed in any recreational facility. Food or drinks, except water bottles, are not allowed in recreational activity areas. Proper footwear is required. No aniamls other than those assisting the disabled are allowed in any recreational facility.
Facility Usage

All currently enrolled students, currently employed or retired faculty and staff, their spouses, dependents and alumni are eligible to use the facilities during operating hours. Faculty/staff, retirees, their spouses, dependents, and alumni must purchase a membership. Currently enrolled students who pay the Activity Center fee are automatically members of the Founders’ Activity Center. All student and faculty/staff users must present a current UNTHSC ID to the Founders’ Activity Center staff to gain access to any recreational facility. Alumni, retirees, dependents, community and corporate members must purchase an ID badge at the time membership is accepted. Members and guests are required to follow all posted rules. Dependents (children, up to age 24, living at home) of currently enrolled students and current faculty and staff and spouses may purchase a dependent membership.

Guests of a member may use the recreational facilities by obtaining a guest pass. All guests must be sponsored by a member. The member must present his/her UNTHSC ID or purchased ID badge to obtain the guest pass. The guest pass is valid only for three (3) visits. Guests may only obtain a three (3) visit pass once every 6 months. If the guest wishes to continue utilizing the facility after their three (3) free visits are exhausted, they must pay a $5 day use guest fee. The sponsor of the guest is responsible for the guest while using the facilities. Members may sponsor up to two (2) guests per day. Please see the guest pass for usage guidelines.

Weight Rooms

Use of the weight room is limited to those users over age 16. No one under the age of 16 is permitted. A t-shirt and athletic attire must be worn. No jeans allowed. Athletic shoes that cover and protect your feet must be worn. No sandals. Keep walkways clear. Bags should be kept in designated locker areas. Collars are mandatory in the free weight area at all times. Spotters are recommended. Re-rack weights and replace equipment when finished. Please do not drop weights or dumbbells. Food, drinks, and tobacco products are not allowed. Water bottles are allowed. Thirty minute time limit on all cardio machines is strictly enforced when people are waiting. Please do not touch the audio or video equipment. Ask the Founders’ Activity Center staff for assistance. All equipment must remain inside the facility. In case of emergency please contact the Founders’ Activity Center staff. Only approved personal trainers contracted by the Founders’ Activity Center can provide personal training in the Founders’ Activity Center.

Equipment Checkout

Recreational equipment is available for checkout with a valid UNTHSC or member ID card from the Founders’ Activity Center front desk. A replacement fee will be assessed for any lost or damaged equipment. Equipment available for checkout includes: Badminton racquets and birdies, footballs, flags, soccer balls, tennis balls and tennis racquets.

Group Exercise Classes

Free classes are available to all Founders’ Activity Center members. Participants must sign in at the Founders’ Activity Center front desk and in the Group Exercise Room. Sign-in sheets for classes are available thirty (30) minutes prior to the start of each class. Only approved group exercise instructors can teach group classes in the Founders’ Activity Center. Approval for use of the Group Exercise Room must be granted by a Health Promotion Associate or the Director of Student Services in the Office of Health Promotion prior to usage. Under no circumstances may a group of more than two (2) participants utilize a workout video in the Founders’ Activity Center as it violates copy right infringement of the video being used.

Outdoor Tennis/Basketball/Volleyball Policies

Courts are available for use by Founders’ Activity Center members. All users must have a UNTHSC ID badge or a Founders’ Activity Center membership ID badge. Courts will remain locked until in use by Founders’ Activity Center members. Tennis/basketball/volleyball equipment is available for checkout with a valid UNTHSC or Founders’ Activity Center member ID badge. No activities other than tennis, basketball, or volleyball are allowed on the court. Athletic shoes are required. Smoking, use of tobacco products, or alcoholic beverages are not allowed. Food or drinks are not allowed on the outdoor court. Water bottles are allowed. Glass containers are not allowed on the outdoor court. Animals other than those assisting the disabled are not allowed on the tennis courts. Users are responsible for observing and following these policies. Those participants not following these policies may be asked to leave the facility by the staff on duty. In case of inclement weather, play may be stopped and the tennis courts may be closed. In case of an accident, contact the Founders’ Activity Center staff. In case of emergency, contact UNTHSC police by calling 817-735-2600.

Standards of Conduct

Participation in all Founders’ Activity Center (“FAC”) facilities and programming is a privilege.  All members and guests who participate in FAC programming or use recreational facilities are expected to:

•    Treat the FAC staff and facilities with respect and respond appropriately to all reasonable staff requests.
•    Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in the FAC.
•    Abide by all relevant policies of the University of North Texas Health Science Center, the general facility rules of the FAC and all relevant state and federal laws.
•    Act in a safe, responsible manner in regards to themselves and others in the FAC.

The FAC maintains the authority to revoke a member’s privileges temporarily or permanently for violating these standards of conduct or FAC facility rules or for violating any UNTHSC policy or state or federal law. Members may also be subject to University disciplinary action.  No refunds or student service fee waivers will be authorized upon loss of membership for violation of the Standards of Conduct or for any other violation of UNTHSC policy. 

Members may be subject to temporary or permanent loss of membership privileges for the following misconduct:

1.    Physical or verbal abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, hazing, coercion and/or other conduct which threatens or endangers the health or safety of any person.
2.    Unauthorized use or sharing of Founders Activity Center identification cards, including forgery or alteration of a membership card or granting unauthorized use or misuse of any University document, record, key, electronic device, or identification.
3.    Unauthorized Entry including entry prior to payment of FAC membership dues.
4.    Disorderly or lewd conduct including disorder associated with alcohol or controlled substances.
5.    Recording images either by photograph, video or digitally without knowledge of the individual being recorded and without prior approval from the Director of Student Services in the Office of Health Promotion.
6.    Unauthorized Commercial Activity or use of the facility for personal or monetary gain, including posting, advertising, instructing by private sessions, or soliciting individuals in the FAC for personal services, businesses, or agencies.
7.    Use of alcoholic beverages.  Members demonstrating signs of intoxication will be denied access to the FAC or asked to leave immediately.
8.    Failure to abide by a reasonable request of FAC staff.

Individuals engaged in the following conduct will immediately be reported to university police and will be subject to permanent loss of membership privileges. Additional sanctions from the University may also apply.

1.    Vandalism: Damage to or destruction of any property of the University or of others while on University premises.
2.    Assault: Rape, sexual assault, or sexual harassment.
3.    Theft: Removal of or conversion of University property or property of others while on University premises.
4.    Possession of firearms, explosive device, or other deadly weapon when on University premises.
5.    Possession of drugs or other controlled substances prohibited by state and federal law