Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The Student Affairs Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team will work on behalf of HSC to promote an understanding of diversity in thought, practice, and health care education. We will develop programming that equips HSC health professionals of tomorrow to meet the needs of a dynamic global society.

Definition of Diversity:

The combination of traits, experiences and perspectives that make every person unique.Unthsc Stock048

Definition of Equity:

The act of being fair and just by eliminating barriers to access, opportunity, and advancement for all.

Definition of Inclusion:

Ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to participate and all perspectives are taken into account.


Maximizing Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An institutional-wide effort to utilize all of our unique talents and perspectives to help create innovative solutions that will ensure we all work together to reach our goals, live our values, and realize our vision.


Student Affairs Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Team Goals


  • Students will recognize that culture shapes perceptions and worldview.
  • Students will analyze and appreciate the interaction of different cultures and recognize ways in which it strengthens personal and professional relationships.


  • Students will learn to find the courage to commit themselves to doing what is right in difficult circumstances even when that decision is not the popular one.

Links to the Tools Used to the Develop HSC Student Affairs Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program:

Click Here for the Supporting Theory

Click Here for the Supporting Model