Academic Support

Learning Specialist Appointments –

Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Learning Specialist to discuss time management, study techniques, and test taking strategies. Learning Specialists do their best to partner with students to create solutions and find resources for their academic success.

Appointments with our office can be scheduled via GradesFirst or by calling 817-735-2531.

Scheduling an Appointment in GradesFirst

Appointments are also available via phone and/or video conference.  If you are requesting a phone or video conference appointment, please be sure to specify in the comments box when scheduling in Grades First.

Learning Specialist Open Hours –

Learning Specialists occasionally offer Open Hours. During Open Hours, students may stop by to ask questions and get more information about resources. Students do not need to make an appointment to visit during Open Hours.

See information below for dates, times, and locations of Open Hours.

Additional Resources –

The following resources can be accessed via your program’s CAP Canvas page.

  • Learning and Study Strategies
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Time Management Tools
  • Program Specific Resources

Board Prep

Helpful Links –

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