Career Readiness

As an HSC student, you are encouraged to think about what you’re doing today and in the future as part of your personal career development. It is an ongoing, lifelong endeavor critical to your professional success.

At HSC, we have identified six Career Readiness Skills (aka Marketable Skills) that are valued by employers and can be applied in a variety of work and other professional settings. A truly robust professional career development plan includes much more than just academic accomplishments and technical acumen.

Mastering the following skills indicates you have developed attributes that broadly prepare you to successfully transition from being a graduate student to an outstanding health care professional.

How to acquire and refine these skills

  • Through your prescribed coursework curriculum, as well as co-curricular and extracurricular activities designated throughout the institution.
  • Graduate or professional level digital badge pathways will lead to microcredentials. These pathways serve as milestones that are specifically recognized by certain industries to highlight competencies earned. The pathways serve as an introduction or entry point to a degree program, a stand-alone credential or complementary to a degree program.


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