Campus safety and security

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Keeping our community safe and supportive

We are committed to ensuring HSC is a safe and supportive community for all students to learn, thrive and find success. Learn more about our community expectations and resources.

Student Code of Conduct and Civility

View HSC’s Student Code of Conduct and Civility policy.

Annual Security Report

View HSC’s Annual Security Report and Daily Crime Logs.

Title IX / Sexual Misconduct / Discrimination Reporting Form

View HSC’s Title IX, sexual misconduct and discrimination reporting form.

Police Department

In an emergency, contact HSC Police at (817) 735-2600.

Student complaints

View the procedure for resolving complaints against HSC.

Sexual assault support

Refer a person of concern

Make an anonymous report of concerning behavior.

Emergency alerts

The Red Alert system sends emergency information to the HSC Community.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Programs Report

Explore online resources, education and training.