Medication Therapy Management

A clinical pharmacist-led medication therapy management (MTM) service for Medicaid-eligible patients with chronic conditions – Katura Bullock, PharmD, BCPS / Cheng Yuet, Pharm D

This project is an innovative primary care model utilizing a clinical pharmacist-led Medication Therapy Management (MTM) model to reach Medicaid persons with chronic diseases. This initiative utilizes the skills of clinical pharmacist services through increasing clinical-pharmacist led encounters, providing written medication management plans, and conducting improved patient education and medication management for patients with at least one chronic disease. This project is implementing medication reconciliation which leads to the prevention of medication errors that result in improved outcomes.

Targeted patient population

  • Medicaid Patients, all ages
  • Patients with a chronic condition with a special emphasis on diabetes
  • Patients seen at UNT Health Seminary Clinic

This page was last modified on January 26, 2018