Support Services

Support for Proposal Development and Pre-Award:


   Angie Trevino – Associate Director – (817)735-2569


   Niki Clarke – Sr. Grant & Contract Analyst – (817)735-5128


   Lori O’Neal – Sr. Grant & Contract Analyst – (817)735-5087


  • Notify Researchers of Funding Opportunities, Sponsor Polices, and Procedures
  • Assist in Development and Review of Proposals for Sponsor Compliance
  • Review Solicitations for Limited Submission Restrictions
  • Review budgets Prior to Proposal Submission
  • Submit Final Proposals to Sponsor and Monitor Funding Status
  • Provide Communication between Sponsor and PI and Assist with Proper Follow-Up
    to Agency Requests
  • Develop and Coordinate Training and Workshops

Support for Post-Award and Compliance:


   Kristi Lemmon – Associate Director – (817)735-0424


   Victoria Gregg – Sr. Post Award Analyst – (817)735-5134


   Brenden Perfect – Compliance Manager – (817)735-5138


  • Set up Awards, Generate Account Numbers for Processing Expenditures, and Load Funds
  • Send Out Acknowledgements to Designated Officials
  • Review Budget Revisions, Cost Transfers, Requisitions, PCard Transactions, and Progress Reports
  • Review Changes in Effort and No Cost Extensions
  • Act as Liaison between Sponsor and Principal Investigators
  • Provide Support for Project Management, including No Cost Extensions, Budget Transfers, Reminder Notices for Grant Termination Dates, and Reporting Requirement
  • Review Report Data on Research Activities upon Final Submission to Sponsor
  • Payroll Allocation, Effort Reporting, and Proof of Work
  • Subrecipient Risk Assessments and Mitigation Plans
  • Subrecipient Invoicing
  • Federal Subcontracting Plans
  • SAM Registration
  • Internal and External Audit Requests

Support for Project Accounting:


   Su Cole – Associate Director – (817)735-2358


   TT Truong – Accountant – (817)735-2281


   Jarrett Cocharo – Sr. Financial Analyst – (817)735-5878


  • Prepare and Submit Financial Reports for Private, State, and Federal Sponsors in Accordance with Terms of the Award
  • Prepare and Submit Invoices for Private, State, and Federal Sponsors in Accordance with Terms of the Award
  • Prepare Allowable Expenditure Data to Manage and Process the Drawdown of Federal Funds
  • Reconcile all Account Receivables for Private, State, and Federal Sponsored Awards
  • Setup, Capture, and Distribute F&A into various Institutional Accounts
  • Provide Budget Projects on Funded Projects
  • Manage the Financial and Administrative Process to Close Out Award

Support for Contracts:


   Angie Trevino – Associate Director – (817)735-2569


   Stephanie Jones – Sr. Contract Administrator – (817)735-5069


   Fabian Garcia – Contracts Specialist – (817)735-0468


  • Subcontract management tasks including development, negotiation, and signature routing
  • Draft, review and negotiate:
    • Non-disclosure Agreements (NDAs)
    • Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs)
    • Industry Sponsored Research and Testing Agreements
    • Investigator Initiated Clinical Trial Agreements
    • Collaboration and Teaming Agreements
    • Professional Services Agreements
    • Grant Contracts
    • Other research related agreements


This page was last modified on September 17, 2018