Social Media at HSC

New Accounts and Posting

Posting On HSC Profiles

If you have content or announcements to contribute to an HSC social media profile, we would love to get those posts scheduled as soon as possible. We can help with writing copy and selecting images or video. There are many cases when we have additional recommendations to help you get the maximum benefit available from a social post. We want to make sure you’ve got an effective landing page in place and will be able to report on your traffic later.


New Accounts

If your office or department is considering creating a social profile, please reach out to us for assistance. In most cases we would like to work with you to post and share your content on the primary HSC profiles. These profiles already have a large following and are verified.


Other Digital Advertising

We can run paid ads on many social media platforms, as well as paid search advertising on Google and Bing. This is a quick way to get your announcement out to a large audience.