Standardized Participant Program

The Regional Simulation Center at HSC Fort Worth has a Standardized Participant Program that provides students with opportunities to develop their clinical skills. 

Standardized Participants (SPs) are trained to reliably and consistently portray health care problems and then evaluate students who conduct the examinations. The SP accurately and consistently recreates the history, personality, physical findings, and emotional responses of an actual patient and/or a patient’s significant other. They may critique student interviewing, physical examination, and interpersonal skills and provide feedback to the students.

Standardized Participants generally put in several hours of training and rehearsal for each case before working with learners. Training includes introducing the project, learning how to assume a new identity, working with students, and evaluating them after the visit.

Standardized Participants are compensated for their time/participation.

Becoming a Standardized Participant

Live in the Fort Worth/Dallas metropolitan area and have a flexible schedule? You could become a Standardized Participant. People who make the best SPs typically enjoy performing, are observant, good listeners, have strong communication skills, are reliable and punctual.

If you are interested in becoming a Standardized Participant, contact the HSC Regional Simulation Center at 817-735-5042 or fill out our inquiry form online.   


Pay ranges for training and project participation depend on the complexity of the educational process and physical examinations. Please note, SPs are considered an independent contractor, not an employee of HSC. Therefore, no taxes will be taken from your payment, and not eligible for medical or other benefits. SPs will receive compensation once a month.