Rooms and technology

1. Procedural Skills

This large flexible space is a perfect place to hone student performance of procedural skills. The room features adjustable-height tables, audio-visual capability and a retractable wall to divide the space into two smaller rooms when needed. A wide assortment of simulation equipment and medical tools are available for use.

2. Home Suite

3. Virtual Reality Rooms (2)

4. Acute Care Simulation (2)

5. Teams Rooms (4)

The immersive simulation spaces were designed with flexibility in mind. These simulation rooms can mimic a multitude of clinical and non-clinical environments. Integrating first-of-its kind technology in the state of Texas, the fully immersive VR projection room greatly expands learning possibilities and a suite designed to depict a home-like setting allows learners to practice providing place-based care to better meet patient needs. Multi-purpose teams rooms can be used for debriefing or small group activities.

6. Exams Rooms (14)

The 14 clinic exam rooms have a streamlined look and feel and were designed to meet the needs of both current and future providers and patients. Each room includes a 55-inch monitor that can be used for training everything from telehealth encounters to biofeedback therapy. Adjustable-height exam tables convert easily from sitting to lying positions. Rooms are equipped with conventional physical exam instruments and supplies.

7. Learning Lounges (2)

These collaborative spaces feature comfortable seating, writable wall surfaces and monitors to deliver flexibility in small group teaching and learning environments.

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