HSC Regional Simulation Center Image

About the Center

Immersive training experiences 

The future center will include simulation and virtual reality rooms to create immersive experiences in a variety of real-world health care settings. 

Flexible virtual reality simulation rooms provide cutting-edge teaching and learning experiences with 360-degree projection and variable light, sound and touch-controlled interactions.  

Students can interact with embedded hot spots, and facilitators can trigger images and video to appear in the simulated environment.  

Learners also can experience 3D visualizations and interactions. A large procedural skills classroom will be included in the future center and will allow for the expansion and scalability of skills training. 

Education and training 

The center will meet the challenges of today's health care landscape, while focusing on safety, teamwork and communication. 

HSC students 

Simulation can provide a safe environment for students with varying levels of proficiency to acquire new skills, maintain competence in high-risk, low-frequency situations, while promoting communication and efficiency. Numerous studies have proven its value in improving learner knowledge, skills and behaviors and, ultimately, patient outcomes. 

The center will provide opportunities for HSC students to master skills and enter the workforce better prepared.  

Health care providers 

There are numerous opportunities for experienced health care providers to practice skills, learn new approaches to care delivery and maintain competence. 

Health care providers ranging from EMT and paramedic programs to rural clinics and hospital systems can use the center for training. Competitive fees will be assessed to those who use the center and its resources.