Providing students and community with real-life environments through cutting-edge technology

Simulation is an essential part of health care education.  It has continuously proven its value in improving learner knowledge, skills, behaviors, and patient outcomes.

At HSC, simulation is an integral part of the assessment of our students. It is used widely in our education both as a teaching-learning modality and in preparing students for high-stakes licensing examinations.

Our Simulation Center provides a safe environment to improve patient outcomes. Students and experienced health care providers with varying proficiency levels can use our center.  Learners will acquire new skills and maintain competence in high-risk, low-frequency situations while promoting communication and efficiency.

The future of simulation

HSC's new simulation center is coming in Spring 2022.

The Simulation Center at HSC is being re-imagined to accommodate the training needs of current and future students and community partners. The center will prepare students for today's healthcare landscape focusing on improved patient safety, teamwork and effective communication. The center will serve as a communication HUB for simulation activities throughout all HSC academic programs. It will focus on current practices and future trends, including new technologies and new models of health care delivery.

The new simulation center will include

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality

Interprofessional teaching and training

Immersive simulation rooms

We look forward to providing our community with additional opportunities to improve patient safety and outcomes.