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Dr. Carlson

Starting Fall 2013

You can earn a Sequential Master’s Degree in Public Health

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Looking to expand your professional interests and options?
If you already have a graduate degree and want to expand your horizons even
further, why not take your accomplishments to the next level with a new Sequential
Master’s Degree in public health

The demand for public health knowledge – and the ability to
apply it across a range of disciplines and professions – continues to build in
today’s fast-paced, changing world. More professionals with public health
training in a variety of fields are needed, and the careers we have today may
be quite different from what engages and challenges us in the future.

Add to the value of the education you’ve already earned – if
you have an MA, MBA, MS, MHA, MPA, MSN, DO, MD, JD, PA, PhD, PharmD or DVM degree
from a recognized institution, you may be able to apply up
to 12 credit
hours toward the Master of Public Health (MPH)
Professional Option Degree
and complete your new degree totally

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