Works in Progress (WIPS)

A bi-monthly one hour session providing faculty members the opportunity to present their research proposal and a chance to receive candid feedback from their peers.


  • Dr. Heather Kitzman-Ulrich
  • Dr. Candace Robledo

Professional Support:

  • Keith Sims

2015 Schedule

  • January 22 Presentation by Drs. Kitzman-Ulrich and Fulda on upcoming NIH R21submission with Carter BloodCare regarding “Cardiovascular risk identification, notificationand education of adolescents”

  • March 19 Presentation by Dr. Walters on new NIH biosketch format and intro to newfunding research tool, PIVOT

  • May 14 Presentation by Dr. Raines-Milenkov and Marcy Paul regarding Infant Mortality

  • July 23 TBA