Works in Progress (WIPS)

A bi-monthly one hour session providing faculty members the opportunity to present their research proposal and a chance to receive candid feedback from their peers.


  • Dr. Heather Kitzman-Ulrich
  • Dr. Candace Robledo

Professional Support:

  • Keith Sims

2015 Schedule

    • January 22 Presentation by Drs. Kitzman-Ulrich and Fulda on upcoming NIH R21submission with Carter BloodCare regarding “Cardiovascular risk identification, notificationand education of adolescents”

    • March 19 Presentation by Dr. Walters on new NIH biosketch format and intro to newfunding research tool, PIVOT

    • May 14 Presentation by Dr. Raines-Milenkov and Marcy Paul regarding Infant Mortality

    • July 23 Presentation by Amyn Amlani (Audiology, UNT Denton), Stephen Austin (Voice Science, Music, UNT Denton), Kris Chesky (Music, UNT Denton), Sajid Surve (TCOM, UNTHSC) regarding occupational health concerns related to learning and performing music. Through an expanding collaborative effort that includes the School of Public Health and the College of Public Affairs and Community Service, the intention is to take a population health approach to common occupational and environmental health issues, provide research on preventative measures, and develop cutting-edge clinical resources for concerns like hearing loss, voice problems, and musculoskeletal injuries.