Sexual and Reproductive Health

Sexual And Reproductive HealthResearchers explore sexual and reproductive health issues, decision-making and behavior across the life course, and incorporate principles of reproductive justice and equity.

Related Faculty

Dr. Stacey Griner
Dr. Nolan Kline
Dr. Melissa Lewis
Dr. Dana Litt
Dr. Eun-Young Mun
Dr. Erika Thompson

Faculty Publications:

  • Aiken, J.A., & Griner, S.B. (2021). Health associations for male survivors of unwanted and non-consensual sex. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. org/10.1177/08862605211042806
  • Fairlie, A. M., Jaffe, A. E., Davis, K. C., Litt, D. M., Kaysen, D., Norris, J., & Lewis, M. A. (2021). Establishing a New Measure of Alcohol-related Sexual Consequences and Examining Its Association to Alcohol Consequences among At-Risk Young Adults. Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs, 82, 493-502. DOI: 15288/jsad.2021.82.493
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