Professional and Academic Development Sessions (Interludes)

UNTHSC School of Public Health Interludes

Interlude sessions are periods of time during the academic year in which no classes are being held, where students may further interact outside of their selected programs and concentrations for professional and academic development. The School of Public Health (SPH) Office of Academic Services provides the programming for many of the interlude sessions. SPH leadership, alumni, employers, and current students, and our accreditors provide direction for the content being offered.

Areas of Focus:

  • Professionalism
  • Competency Enrichment
  • Department Feedback
  • Community Service
  • Community Engagement
  • Campus and Local Resources
  • Program Knowledge

What is the purpose of Interlude?

The design of this program promotes learning both in and out of the classroom. Our goal, is that interludes will provide you will additional skills and experiences to bring into your coursework, practice experience and internships, and eventually, throughout your professional career. This type of programming is also a component to maintain our accreditation through the Council on Education for Public Health (CEPH). In compliance with CEPH, the Office of Academic Services provides programming to cover Career Advising, Academic Advising, Practice Experience (service learning and community engagement through service projects), and the preparation for the integrated learning experience for students.

When are the interludes?

All SPH students will be completing Interludes online and it will be organized through Canvas under SPH Interlude course for Fall 2020

Please note this schedule also includes interprofessional education (IPE) events. There are both university and school-level IPE sessions, and are held during interlude times and are reflected on the provided schedule; however, are not programmed by the Office of Academic Services. The inclusion of IPE is also a requirement to maintain our accreditation with CEPH. Please feel free to contact Dr. Kayla Fair for IPE questions. Her email is

Where do I find the details for the events?

The details of the events will be made available through various methods of contact. The primary will be through the “Interlude-Professional and Academic Development” course in Canvas. All SPH students are added to this at the time of course activation. By clicking on the calendar, you can see all the events available to students. For mandatory sessions, you will not be required to submit an RSVP, as your presence is already expected. However, you will need to RSVP for your elective sessions, RSVPs should be completed (added or removed) by the Friday prior to the event. If the elective session is not held on a specific date, you will need to remove your RSVP prior to the end of the semester.

Event details will be further shared through the SPH FYI (our newsletter) and in various postings such as on flyers and the televisions throughout the School of Public Health.

What will I be required to attend?

The requirements for cohort students during the 2020-2021 academic year are as follows:

Students will be required to complete a total of 20 Interlude sessions and this total will include required/mandatory and electives together. For example, if a MPH EPID student has 9 required/mandatory sessions they will need to complete a total of 11 electives

*The interlude calendar can be changed or updated throughout the semester and students are responsible to attend required meetings*

What if I don’t attend a mandatory session (or one which I RSVP’d for)?

Much like if you miss a class, you will need to submit an excused absence form for illnesses or emergencies. For absences which will not qualify for an excused absence, you will be assigned an additional assignment which Dean Thombs has created. Repeat absences will result in multiple assignments being due, in addition to a meeting with Dean Thombs.

I have more questions and/or concerns about interlude!

The Office of Academic Services is always here to help you. For general questions, such as a date, time, or room number, please contact our front office and one of our friendly Graduate Assistants will help you out! Our email is or you can call us at (817) 735-0489.

Do you need to speak directly with an instructor? Begin with Chelsea Lancaster, Assistant Director of Academic Services by emailing

For online students, please contact Dr. Tessa Bryan, Assistant Director of Academic Services by emailing

This page was last modified on June 29, 2020