School of Public Health


Academic IntegrityThe  School of Public Health is offering incoming students the opportunity to participate in a pre-matriculation workshop. The dates for this week-long workshop are Monday, August 7-Friday, August 11 2023 and will occur on-campus for our cohort students and online for our incoming online students. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and students within the School of Public Health and with the Division of Student Affairs -Center for Academic Performance, the school will provide multiple high impact sessions focusing on topics pertinent to writing support, research resources, presentation assistance, SAS, SPSS, first-generation college students, time management, and understanding graduate school. Within these workshops, participants will experience interactive team-based learning, receive real time feedback and gain skills to prepare them for their time in graduate school.

Session Summaries

  1. APA Basics: Presentation on APA formatting basics and information. CAP will present a Power Point over APA Basics and show a video on how to format an APA-styled paper using Word. To test for understanding, the audience will answer a series of APA-related questions using Kahoot. There will also be a short Q&A session over APA-specific concerns or clarification. Total time of presentation: 45 minutes
  2. Plagiarism: Presentation and interactive workshop over plagiarism, how to avoid committing plagiarism, and what are HSC’s policies on plagiarism. CAP will present a Power Point covering plagiarism and tips/strategies to avoid plagiarizing in writing. Alex Cooper, from the Office of Care and Civility, will present information on HSC’s policies on plagiarism. To check for understanding, students will submit a writing sample demonstrating their understanding of plagiarism. CAP will provide a scholarly article to the audience and ask students to either correctly paraphrase a passage from this article or correctly embed a quote from the article. Students will submit their writing, and CAP will review each writing submission and provide feedback to each student. Total Time of presentation: 60 minutes
  3. Discussion Board Posts: Presentation over how to write an effective Discussion Board Post. CAP will present over how to write an effective discussion board post using both good and bad examples (Dos and Don’ts). To check for understanding, students will practice writing one discussion board post/response using Google Slides and discuss the various slide submissions during a whole group discussion. 40 minutes.
  4. Presentation Skills: An interactive, high impact presentation over giving professional, academic presentations. CAP will walk through basic dos and don’ts of presenting, including preparation for answering questions. CAP will then break the students into groups to work through what they’ve learned as a team. 40 minutes.
  5. How to Create a Writing Timeline: A discussion-based presentation to help students put together appropriate timelines for writing projects, from the outline to the finished product. This will include the making of a mock timeline for a more concrete take-away. 30 minutes.
  6. How to Read Research: A presentation to explain best practices for reading research articles. This will include a case study with actual research. CAP will demonstrate how to begin, what key words to look for, and what to do when the student is struggling to follow the writing. This will allow students to better understand where to look for important information. 40 minutes.
  7. How to Navigate Graduate School- This session will serve as a Q&A session as well as provide tips and suggestions for navigating graduate school. This session will be interactive and will allow for participants to learn more about the HSC and graduate school as a whole acclimating to graduate school.
  8. Time Management in Graduate School-This session will be interactive and students will need to know their incoming degree program, bring their planner (electronic or paper), and all important dates and other responsibilities that will need to be accounted for in a weekly/semester schedule.

    Throughout the pre-matriculation workshop, students will be grouped with a student mentor as well as a representative from the Office of Student & Academic Services.

Assessment & Follow Up:

Each workshop will have an assessment component to reinforce concepts and verify learned skills. CAP will provide assessment results to the SPH Office of Student & Academic Services. Doing so, will provide SPH with the ability to appropriately connect students to university and school-level resources and services.

What You Need to Know:

  • Students will receive breakfast, lunch, and snacks for the in-person sessions and will be grouped with a student mentor.
  • Online students will have both synchronous and asynchronous sessions with feedback and assessments provided for all sessions.