Pre-Award Process Roadmap

1. Notify ORS Intentions to Submit

  • PI notifies ORS intentions to submit a proposal
  • ORS requests funding opportunity to review
  • ORS will schedule a Pre-Award Meeting

2. Pre-Award Meeting

  • ORS and PI will review funding opportunity
  • Highlight due dates, project periods, budget and other parameters from sponsor
  • Discuss the use of subawards/and or consultants.
  • Discuss the involvement of human subjects.
  • Discuss the importance of contacting the sponsor or program officer.
  • Start budget with parameters of personnel, travel, other direct costs
  • ORS gather contact info for applicable subawards
  • ORS creates proposal checklist post-meeting to send to PI
  • ORS reaches out to applicable subs / consultants and provides checklist of needs

3. Components of Application

  • ORS works with PI to complete components of the application
  • Budget
  • Subaward packages
  • Consultant items
  • Bio sketches
  • Items other than Specific Aims, Research Strategy, references
  • Check for compliance in formatting (fonts, margins, page limits) of documents

4. Prepare Items to be Sent to OSP

  • ORS assists PI in uploading all documents into Cayuse/GRAMS if applicable
  • ORS will send all components to OSP for review and meet 5-day review deadline
  • Make any recommended edits form OSP
  • Receive final approval from OSP that application is ready to submit

5. Submission

  • ORS assists PI to submit application on due date
  • OSP will submit in Cayuse or other S2S system
  • For non- NIH/NSF applications, the PI may need to submit in sponsor specific web portal application after OSP approves proposal
  • Some sponsors may require components emailed and ORS can assist

6. Notification from Sponsor

  • Sponsor requests more info to fund – ORS will assist PI to assemble and send to sponsor (JIT process for NIH)
  • Items sent to OSP for review and then sent to sponsor
  • If not awarded, work with PI to see how to resubmit

7. Award Made

  • Sponsor funds proposal and sends notice of award to PI/HSC
  • ORS will work with PI to review NOA and assist OSP in moving to Post-Award phase
  • ORS will work with OSP to setup PIM and monitor project throughout life of project.