Post-Award Process Roadmap

1. Project Set-up

  • Notification of Awards
  • Scheduling Project Initiation Meetings (PIM) with Office of Sponsored Programs (OSP).
  • Comprehensive review of the notice of award with Principal Investigator (PI).
  • Reviewing requisition needs for any subawards or vendors.
  • Set up Budget Monthly Management Review (BMMR) report for each new project.
  • ORS Collaborates with Senior Associate Dean of Administration and Students Services to set up a discretionary (F&A) account.

2. Project Monitoring

  • ORS is the liaison between SPH and OSP throughout the lifecyle of a project.
  • ORS reconciles all sponsored projects accounts where the SPH faculty is the lead PI
  • ORS schedules BMMR meetings with PIs that have sponsored research funding which includes:
    • Budget expenditures and forecasting is included in the monthly BMMR.
    • Pcard purchases
    • Subaward and Vendor invoicing
    • Budget revisions
    • Costs transfers
    • Carryforward
    • No-cost extensions
  • Salary worksheets are maintained to track monthly PI and staff effort.
  • Outgoing subawards spending and activity
  • Assist with Research Performance Progress Reports (RPPR)
  • Coordinate and monitor bi-annual effort certification with PI and OSP

3. Project Close-out

  • Notify PI 90-days prior to close out of the project
  • Effort review to ensure accuracy of project
  • Check with PI that all reporting requirements and deliverables have been met
  • Complete a property inventory for items purchased from the award
  • Make any necessary corrections requested by OSP Accounting
    • Cannot leave an award with a negative balance
    • Late hitting expenses need to be removed
    • Encumbrance will need to be cleared on all account lines