Noah Peeri


My primary research interests involve examining the intersection of lifestyle, nutrition, and genetics on the etiology of cancer. My research aims to identify modifiable risk factors (e.g., nutritional intake, sleep traits) for various cancers, specifically examining gene – environment interactions. My interests also involve utilizing advanced methodological approaches, such as Mendelian Randomization, to assess causal inference. Some of my work has used large datasets (e.g., NHANES, UK Biobank) to further our understanding of cancer etiology. Furthermore, recognizing that studies examining cancer etiology, specifically genetic studies, are lacking in racial/ethnic minority populations, I hope to explore cancer etiology across different sub-populations with the goal of contributing to the equitable prevention of cancer.


PhD Concentration: Epidemiology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Uyen-sa Nguyen

Previous Degrees:

  • MPH – Epidemiology
    University of South Florida
  • BA – Psychology
    University of South Florida

Curriculum Vitae