New BEST Scholars Named

September 4, 2014 • Uncategorized

2014 Best Scholars
Representing this year’s BEST Scholars are, from left to right, front row: Saritha Bangara (PhD Candidate, Epidemiology, BEST Global IPE Scholars Fellow); Megha Dobhal (MPH, Biostatistics, India); Balaji Kolasani (MPH, Biostatistics, India); Jay Mistry (MPH, Epidemiology, India); Sujana Borra (MPH, Biostatistics, India). Middle row: Philip Dokpesi (MPH, Epidemiology, Nigeria); Gunjanbhai Ramesbhai Patel (MPH, Epidemiology, India); Nayan Patel (MPH, Epidemiology, India); Obiora Egbuche (MPH, Biostatistics, Nigeria); Isimenmen Okekumata (MPH, Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, Nigeria). Back row: Olukemi Odunowo (MPH, Health Management &Policy, Nigeria); Benson Ndua (MPH, Health Management &Policy, Kenya); Udoka Obinwa (MPH, Epidemiology, Nigeria); and Olalekan Olanipekun (MPH, Biostatistics, Nigeria

Congratulations to the new School of Public Health (SPH) BEST Global Interprofessional Education (IPE) Scholars for this year, Sujana Borra, Megha Dobhal, Philip Dokpesi, Balaji Kolasani, Olukemi Odunowo, Gunjanbhai Ramesbhai Patel, Obiora Egbuche, Jay Mistry, Benson Ndua, Udoka Obinwa and Nayan Patel.

Six of the eleven $1000 scholarship awards are sponsored by the SPH BEST Center through the support of the Dean and faculty members who commit funds from training, research and evaluation projects.

Five of the $1000 scholarships were generously donated by Dr. Lilly Ramphal-Naley, an occupational medicine physician and SPH adjunct faculty member. Dr. Ramphal-Naley is dedicated to preventing injury, disease and exposure to environmental and behavioral hazards in the workplace; to educating public health students; and to supporting international students in their scholarly public health pursuits. The top five BEST Global IPE Scholars also carry the title, “Lilly Ramphal-Naley, MD, MPH, International Student Scholar.” These five scholars are Obiora Egbuche, Jay Mistry, Udoka Obinwa, Nayan Patel and Gunjanbhai Patel.

BEST Global IPE Scholars Fellow and PhD Candidate (Epidemiology) Saritha Bangara will work with the scholars to develop interprofessional Global Health Roundtables in the Fall and Spring semesters, with Dr. Ramphal-Naley serving as advisor to the group.