MPH Public Health Practice

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The School of Public Health will be having our students who have completed their internship/practice experience participate in a poster session on Thursday, July 28th

Full-time Program: All students entering fall 2017 will progress through their program in a cohort, completing all degree requirements in five semesters (including summer).

The MPH in Public Health Practice combines the core areas of public health, including:

  • Behavioral & Community Health
  • Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences
  • Health Management & Policy
  • Epidemiology
  • Biostatistics

The Public Health Practice concentration prepares students from a variety of undergraduate majors for public health careers that focus on:

  • Community change and empowerment. This multidisciplinary approach addresses the behavioral, community, socio-cultural, and economic factors that protect and undermine human health
  • Assess and evaluate physical, chemical and biological stressors in the environments people live and work, and identify and develop effective intervention and control methodologies
  • Prepare students with competencies needed for careers in policy development, policy analysis and health management
  • Cultivate the student’s ability to effectively practice in the contemporary epidemiology environment
  • Effectively communicate statistical information to health practitioners and professionals
  • Understanding and abiding by strict ethical standards in health related issues.


2018-2020 Curriculum (48 SCH)

MPH Core Competencies (see below) / Course Descriptions / Sequence of Coursework

Core Courses: 15 SCH
BACH 5300 Theoretical Foundations of Individual & Community Health (3 SCH)
BIOS 5300 Principles of Biostatistics (3 SCH)
EOHS 5300 Environmental Determinants of Health (3 SCH)
EPID 5300 Principles of Epidemiology (3 SCH)
HMAP 5300 Introduction to Health Management & Policy (3 SCH)

Required Courses: 30 SCH
BACH 5324 Introduction to Health Disparities or HMAP 6322: Organizational Management (select one)
BACH 5330 Health Communication Strategies in Public Health (3 SCH)
BACH 5340 Community Assessment and Program Planning (3 SCH)
BACH 5345 Participatory Approaches to Improving Community Health (3 SCH)
BACH 5350 Community Health Program Evaluation (3 SCH)
EOHS 5310 Evaluation and Control of Environmental Pathogens (3 SCH)
EOHS 5330 Evaluation and Control of Chemical and Physical Hazards (3 SCH)
EPID 5313 Introduction to Data Management and Statistical Computing (3 SCH)
HMAP 5312 Health Politics and Policy (3 SCH)
HMAP 5340 Public Health Law (3 SCH)

Practice Experience: 3 SCH
PHED 5297 MPH Practice Experience (3 SCH)

Culminating Experience: 0 SCH
PHED 5000 Certified in Public Health Examination (0 SCH)