MHA Program Design

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  • Full-time. Students take 12-15 hours each semester. Students should be prepared to be on campus from 9:00 – 6:00 Monday through Friday for classes and professional development activities. This is a heavier than average load for graduate students, therefore employment outside the university is prohibited during classes.
  • On-campus. UNTHSC is located in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • 2 Years. Students complete the program in 5-6 semesters, including summers.
  • Fall Entrance. New students begin the program each Fall semester. There are no Spring or Summer start options.
  • Small Class Size. Core classes range from 15-25 enrolled, concentration classes from 10-15 students.
  • Cohort Format. Students complete the program in a pre-determined sequence and pace. This is shown to improve student success and completion rates, offer strong networking opportunities between students and develop quality relationships with program faculty.
  • SPH Interlude & IPE Programs – Students participate in weekly interlude meetings which consist of additional career and field prep programs. Programs range from alumni panels to networking, coaching and guest speakers specific to concentration studies. IPE (inter professional education) activities bring students from across university schools together for cross-disciplinary training. Students gain experience in collaborative work with medical professionals in real life scenarios.
  • Competencies – The Master of Health Administration Program has adopted the National Center for Healthcare Leadership competencies model. Three competency domains (Transformation, Execution and People) and eighteen competencies within those domains guide the MHA Program curriculum. By the conclusion of the MHA program, students will be able to demonstrate knowledge and application in 19 competencies.
  • Advisory Council – Since its establishment in 2010, the MHA advisory council has helped to shape the structure and direction of the MHA program. The council is made up of key stakeholders in the Dallas – Fort Worth Metroplex area, who share an expertise of healthcare management, as well as a commitment to educating the next generation of healthcare leaders. Their input and engagement is helping to make the UNTHSC MHA program the best in Texas.
  • Professional Partners – The MHA program maintains relationships with a variety of professional healthcare sites and organizations.


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