MHA Internship Experience

Office WorkerMHA students complete an intensive, hands-on experience with local health systems or hospitals prior to graduation.
UNTHSC places students with organizations based on their field and career goals. The MHA Internship program is managed under the direction of the MHA Program Director in cooperation with program faculty, students and preceptors (supervisors) in the field.

Students complete 500 hours over 1 summer semester through a full-time placement in an approved health service organization, under the guidance of a qualified preceptor.

Through this hands on training experience, students complete a significant project on behalf of the organization. This could entail project management of a complex deliverable, redesign of a system level process or analyzing a deep data set for actionable change.

From this professional field experience, you will gain a professional reference, interview discussion material and new confidence in your career path.
Internships enable students to accomplish the following objectives:

  • To observe and understand the leadership and managerial style of the preceptor;
  • To understand the overall design and interrelationships of the individual parts of the organization’s structure;
  • To contribute to the “real output” of the organization by participating in relevant projects;
  • To practice serving as a “real healthcare manager” within the organization; and
  • To understand the internal and external environment in which the organization functions.



For more internship detailed information access Internship Manual 2018