Master of Public Health Program (MPH)

You want to do more than just have a job. You want to make an impact. You want a career that helps bring positive change to the community around you and the world at large.

Welcome to public health, where you can answer the call to discover solutions to society’s challenges and make the community around you better than it was yesterday.

Pursue your MPH in Public Health Practice.

Engage with a wide range of public health competencies including community health, health policy, environmental and behavioral health studies. Build the skills to play an adaptable role as the needs of your community change today, tomorrow and in the future. PHP Degree Plan

Engage in the MPH in Epidemiology.

Be the detective and follow the data to discover the cause of today’s latest outbreaks. With opportunities in hospitals, government and non-government organizations, these data scientists are in high demand to manage and offer insights into today’s data rich world. Epidemiology Degree Plan

Pursue the MPH in Maternal & Child Health.

Create and implement programs to bring healthy choices to the foundation of our communities, mothers and their children. Dedicate your efforts to this high needs population in the local Fort Worth area or around the world. MCH Degree Plan

In our intentionally small program you will find attentive faculty who challenge you, as well as classmates who will support your professional growth every day.

MPH Completion Rates

MPH Employment Rates

CPH Exam Pass Rate

2015 – 2016 = 90% 2015 – 2016 = 98% 2015 – 2016 = 99%


Average Fall 2018 Admit


Maternal & Child Health

Public Health Practice

UG GPA: 3.49 UG GPA: 3.38 UG GPA: 3.35
GRE Verbal: 66% GRE Verbal: 48% GRE Verbal: 55%
GRE Quantitative: 59% GRE Quantitative: 47% GRE Quantitative: 40%
GRE Analytical Writing: 66% GRE Analytical Writing: 48% GRE Analytical Writing: 50%
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