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The Master of Public Health Online – Professional Option (42 semester credit hours) is an interdisciplinary degree that provides education and training for professionals in any field who want to strengthen their general knowledge and skills in public health. Ultimately, graduates of this program will contribute to the expansion and enhancement of a competent public health workforce that is advancing the well-being of Texas’ citizens and beyond. Students in the Professional Option will specifically strengthen their knowledge and skills in public health through the following areas:

Health Policy and Management

Discuss the policy process for improving the health status of populations.
Apply the principles of program planning, development, budgeting, management and evaluation in organizational and community initiatives.
Apply quality and performance improvement concepts to address organizational performance issues.


Apply basic principles of ethical analysis (e.g., the Public Health Code of Ethics, human rights framework, other moral theories) to issues of public health practice and policy.
Distinguish between population and individual ethical considerations in relation to the benefits, costs, and burdens of public health programs.


Recognize the attributes of leadership in public health.
Describe the alternative strategies for collaboration and partnership among organizations, focused on public health goals.

In addition to the MPH admissions requirements applicants to the MPH Online (42) must meet one of the following eligibility requirements:

Applicants with an advanced degree (e.g., PhD, DO, MD, JD, DVM, MSN, MBA, PA, PharmD; or
Applicants currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral program other than an MPH; or
Three or more years of work experience in the health professions.

2019 – 2020 Curriculum (42 SCH)

Core MPH Competencies (see below) / Course Descriptions / Sequence of Coursework

Required Courses: 27 SCH

  • BACH 5300 Theoretical Foundations of Individual & Community Health (3 SCH)
  • BIOS 5300 Principles of Biostatistics (3 SCH)
  • EOHS 5300 Environmental Determinants of Health (3 SCH)
  • EPID 5300 Principles of Epidemiology (3 SCH)
  • HMAP 5300 Introduction to Health Management & Policy (3 SCH)
  • HMAP 5320 Health Services Management (3 SCH)
  • HMAP 6320 Leadership for Public Health (3 SCH)
  • HMAP 6360 Ethical Issues in Public Health (3 SCH)
  • PHED 5000 Certified in Public Health (CPH) Comprehensive Examination (0 SCH)
  • PHED 5302 MPH Professional Option Capstone (3 SCH)

Elective Courses: 12 SCH

Select 4 elective courses from the following list.
(Please note: Courses and availability are subject to change at any time.)

    Fall I courses available:

  • HMAP 5326 Program Planning & Evaluation (3 SCH) Term offered – Fall I
  • EOHS 5313 Topics in Global Security and Sustainability (3 SCH) Term offered – Fall I
  • EOHS 5362 Geographic Information Systems (3 SCH) Terms offered – Fall I and Spring II
  • BACH 5328 Intro to Global Health (3 SCH) Term offered – Fall I
    Fall II courses available:

  • HMAP 5391 Lean Concepts in Healthcare & Public Health (3 SCH) Term offered – Fall II
  • MACH 5333 Maternal & Child Health Nutrition (3 SCH) Term offered – Fall II
  • HMAP 5340 Public Health Law (3 SCH) Term offered Fall II
    Spring I courses available:

  • EOHS 3518 Diseases from Animals to Humans (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring I
  • EOHS 5364 Geographic Distribution of Health and Disease (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring I
    Spring II courses available:

  • EOHS 5362 Geographic Information Systems (3 SCH) Terms offered – Fall I and Spring II
  • BACH 5321 Injury and Violence Prevention (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring II
  • HMAP 5312 Health, Politics & Policy (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring II
  • HMAP 5330 Health Finance I (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring II
  • MACH 5332 Clinical Aspects of Reproductive Health (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring II
  • EOHS 5324 Water and Public Health (3 SCH) Term offered – Spring II
    Summer courses available:

  • BACH 6328 Race, Ethnicity, Culture and Health (3 SCH) Term offered – Summer
  • EOHS 5312 Food Safety: Farm to Fork (3 SCH) Term offered – Summer
  • EOHS 6366 GeoSpatial Applications (3 SCH) Term offered – Summer
  • EPID 5391 Epidemiologic Surveillance (3 SCH) Term offered – Summer
  • HMPA 5350 Health Economics (3 SCH) Term offered – Summer

Practice Experience: 3 SCH

  • PHED 5297 Public Health Practice Experience (3 SCH)

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