Master of Health Administration (MHA)

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People call you a leader. When problems arise your analysis helps bring the right solution to bear. Data reveals to you the right opportunity to affect change. People energize you and you enjoy the chance to bring out your teams best traits. You’ve got the skills that businesses need and you want a career that has a meaningful impact in our society.

Welcome to Healthcare Administration where you have the opportunity to be a servant leader actively engaging your team in improving processes, crafting winning strategies and bringing clarity to the health systems that take care of our communities every day.

By choosing an MHA located in a School of Public Health you’re choosing to gain key business skills while engaging with those closest to the community and patients.

In our intentionally small program you will find attentive faculty who challenge you as well as classmates who will support your professional growth every day.

Check out the class offerings in detail: degree plan

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MHA Completion Rates

MHA Employment Rates

2015 – 2016 = 100% 2015 – 2016 = 87%
2014 – 2015 = 100% 2014 – 2015 = 100%
2013 – 2014 = 100% 2013 – 2014 = 100%


This page was last modified on February 13, 2018