Healthy Smiles Event

April 4, 2023 • News

Dh ClinicUNTHSC SPH and Texas Woman’s University Dental Hygiene Clinic collaborated to increase HPV Vaccination by educating dental hygienists on recommending the HPV vaccine to prevent oral cancer. Together, they hosted the Healthy Smiles event on March 25th, where children received free preventive dental appointments, vaccine information, and were able to get the HPV onsite. This initiative was supported by The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.

At the event:

  • We provided dental care to 43 children, most of which were experiencing homelessness or undocumented.
  • 14 SPH volunteers collected observational data, provided education and resources to families, translated, or assisted with vaccine paperwork.
  • 26 TCOM volunteers participated and were paired with a dental hygienist, took vitals, and learned about dental care.

Sph VolunteersThe team will be hosting a second event on July 28th.

The SPH Investigators are Stacey GrinerMalinee NeelamegamNolan Kline, and Erika Thompson. The project coordinator for the Healthy Smiles Project is Allie Farris, MPH, CPH.