Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management

UNTHSC TCOM students can now add healthcare management skills through a flexible and convenient online graduate certificate.

Sph Students

The certificate consists of 15-credit hours of the five core healthcare management concept courses that are required of all MHA graduates.

Upon completion of the Certificate, students earning a grade of B or better in each course who are admitted to the MHA program may apply all fifteen credit hours to their degree.

Courses are offered 100% online in 8-week sessions. Students typically take up to 2 courses per semester.

The certificate is comprised of five courses (3 credits each):

  • HMAP 5302 Health Data Management and Analytics (offered Spring I of 2021)
  • HMAP 5306 Health Finance I (offered Spring II of 2021)
  • HMAP 5314 Health Insurance and Managed Care
  • HMAP 5322 Population Health Analytics
  • HMAP 5328 Organizational Leadership (offered each Fall I and Spring I)

Program Policies

  • A maximum of 15 semester hours may be taken.
  • Completion of departmental graduate courses by certificate students does not obligate the School of Public Health to grant admission to a degree program at a later date, unless all general and specific requirements for admission to that program have been met.
  • Financial aid (loans) are not available in this status. Estimated cost $5,000 for Texas Residents. $12, 500 for Non-residents.