2020 Public Health Quiz Bowl

Quiz Bowl Graphic

The UNT Health Science Center, School of Public Health, presents its 20th anniversary Quiz Bowl Competition.

The Quiz Bowl Competition is an exciting opportunity for the next generation of public health leaders from across Texas to connect with their peers, apply their knowledge, and compete to win $1,000 in the Quiz Bowl!

This event also serves as an opportunity to network with graduate study programs, and not to forget “Bragging Rights” on winning our 20th anniversary Quiz Bowl Competition.

About the Competition

  • Each round two teams will compete head-head to answer questions from all five core disciplines of public health
  • Each team is comprised of students from one school. During the trivia challenge, students from each team face off head-to-head for a series of questions.
  • Questions consist of material from all five core areas of public health
  • Get to know the common quiz bowl linguistic terms!
  • Requirements

  • Teams must be made up of current, active, undergraduate students of the university.
  • Knowledge of five core areas of public health.
  • Rules

    Full Rules will be published by March 1st.
    1. Each team will compete in 2 random draw matches and 2 top performing teams will compete in the final round.
    2. Each team will consist of up to 5 people playing at one time. Teams are allowed to substitute players at the halftime break. Each player will have their own buzzer.
    3. The moderator’s table will be facing the participants. There will also be a volunteer scorekeeper/timekeeper in the room. Participants are invited to watch matches when not playing, but must remain completely silent.
    4. Coaches may be present in the room during competition.
    5. Once matches have begun, no one is allowed to enter or leave the room until the halftime break or the end of the match.
    6. The competition begins with brief introductions (the moderator will introduce his/herself and then ask each team to do so as well).
    7. The moderator in each room will be the final decision maker when conflicts arise between teams and/or coaches. The moderators in each room reserve the right to ask disruptive players, coaches, and audience members to leave the room.
    8. Abbreviations will not be accepted as answers unless specifically requested.

    Competitors Code of Ethics

    Faculty or staff advisors to student teams participating in the competition are encouraged to attend the event; however, the quiz bowl is solely for the students. Once the competition begins, all staff, faculty advisors, and other interested parties may act as spectators only. Students are not allowed to seek or accept feedback from judges until the end of the competition.

    If it appears that a team has violated any of these rules, it will be investigated. If it is determined that a violation has occurred, it will result in immediate disqualification of the team and notification provided to the respective undergraduate programs and University.

    Deadlines & Schedule

    Registration Due: Feb 28th, 2020

    Event Date: Saturday, March 28th, 2020

    9:00 am Check-in & Breakfast Mixer
    9:30 am Welcome
    10:00 am 1st Round
    11:00 am 2nd Round
    12:00 pm Luncheon
    1:30 pm Final Round
    3:00 pm Awards Reception
    4:00 pm

    Event Concludes

    Cost, Scholarship & Financial Aid

  • There is no cost to register for the Quiz Bowl Competition!
  • Travel scholarships of up to $1500 per team are available.
  • Winning team will receive $1,000 prize award.

    Questions? Contact Us:

    School of Public Health