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FAQ Online Programs

Courses are delivered in an 8 week accelerated format. Since you’re completing the course in just 8 weeks compared to a traditional 16 week semester we recommend students be prepared for a higher level of time commitment during the 8 week window.

Coursework can be completed at any time of day. Work is divided by week and students must keep in pace with the weekly schedule. Class activity – content review, discussion boards and written assignments – often require going online to participate in the class multiple times each week.  We recommend students be prepared to spend 12-15 hours a week on each course due to the accelerated pace.

Courses are offered at least 3 of the 5 terms each year. Students can start any of the 5 semesters. Course sequence can vary based on semester options. Flexibility is a hallmark of our online program which allows students to easily stop out for a term or two should work or life changes make it necessary.

Canvas is the software utilized for online courses.

Tests are also completed online via a secure service. A webcam is required for online students and used to verify participants are appropriate parties.

Practicum experience is arranged by students and advised by graduate faculty. Students local to the Fort Worth and DFW area may take advantage of HSC relationships in the local community. Students in other locations will be coached on how to connect with potential practicum sites, to develop their project goals and to gain the most from their practicum experience. Practicum experiences often last 6 months to 1 year and include 600 hours from conception to completion.

Part-time students who are balancing program enrollment with a full-time job and/or family commitments are recommended to take 1 course each 8 week semester. In this schedule you can complete the degree in 3 years.

Full-time students who have no significant commitment beyond the program may complete 2 classes each 8 week term. In a full-time schedule you may finish the program in just under 2 years.

Breaks in the calendar are most significant over the winter, with Fall II ending in early December and Spring I starting the second week of January. There is also a 2 week window between Spring I and Spring II. There is a second significant break between Summer ending in mid-July and Fall I beginning in mid-August.

Campus resources are available to you all From Financial Aid to the Library, even Career Services to our Academic Services office. You are always welcome, but never have to come to our physical location.

Tuition and fees to complete each online program. Please note these prices are estimates. Actual tuition and fee totals can vary based on a variety of factors including residency, enrollment pace, course selection and course timing.

Degree Program (SCH)
Texas Resident Tuition
Non-Texas Resident Tuition
MPH Professional Option (48 Credit Hours)
MPH Professional Option (42 Credit Hours)


Important dates for 2019 – 2020 Academic Year.

Online Terms
Application Deadline
Start Date
Fall I
July 15, 2019
August 19
October 7 – 11
Fall II
September 15, 2019
October 14
December 2 – 6
Spring I
December 1, 2019
January 13
March 2 – 6
Spring II
February 15, 2020
March 16
May 4 – 8
May 1, 2020
June 1
July 20 – 24

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