Mentor Program

The Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Committee wants to provide opportunities for SPH students to contribute and impact underrepresented communities within the DFW area.

Mentor Program 1

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Mentors are assigned with the task to help influence and complement the interests of students who are considering a career in public health.

Mentor Program 2
Peer Mentors who are interested in serving students from underrepresented populations.

Eligible candidates must:
• be a current student at UNTHSC SPH
• reside in the DFW Area
• have completed their first semester of their program

Mentors Attitude:
• be a positive person that has a vested interest in influencing students who are considering a career in public health/health administration.
• promote academic achievement by encouraging mentee to attend class, participate in study groups & seminars, receive tutoring, etc.
• serve as Role Model (to conduct yourself in a manner that displays integrity and ethical behavior)
• encourage shared volunteer opportunities
• exhibit tolerance to a mentee regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious belief

General Expectations and Responsibilities:
Each Peer Mentor will be responsible for meeting the goals and objectives of the SPH EDI Mentor Program. Our primary focus is to promote equity, diversity, and inclusion in public health and health administration.

Mentor Program 3a

The following expectations are essential to the success of an EDI Mentor.
Mentors must:

• possess the emotional maturity and boundaries necessary to make appropriate decisions involved in working with mentees.
• represent themselves as professional ambassadors of UNTHSC
• must be willing to lead, follow and take directions, and be engaged in assisting mentees.
• be committed to their own personal and academic growth as well as managing their time, work, and social lives.
• enforce and abide by all UNTHSC rules and regulations.
• develop a professional relationship with mentee that will provide networking opportunities
• be capable of engaging mentees of various personality traits