Dr. Liam O’Neill

Associate Professor, Health Behavior and Health Systems

Liam Oneill

Dr. Liam O’Neill


Education & experience:
I earned my doctorate in operations management from the Smeal College of Business at Penn State University. Prior to this, I earned an MS in operations research from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In my younger and more vulnerable years, I studied mathematics at Haverford College (BA) and Wesleyan University (MS). In between degrees, I worked as an actuary for a health care consulting firm that specialized in risk management and financial forecasting. Prior to joining the School of Public Health, I held the position of Assistant Professor of Health Systems at Cornell University. I spent two years as Faculty Associate in the Department of Health Management and Policy at the University of Iowa. I recently became a Fellow of the Institute for Patient Safety (IPS).

Teaching areas
Throughout my career, I have been committed to health management education. I have taught two required courses in three MHA programs. These courses are Health Information Systems and Health Care Operations Management. In recent years, I have seen these areas really take off. Much of this growth has occurred since the passage of health care reform and the ACA.  Employers’ expectations of recent MHA graduates in these areas have never been higher and opportunities abound for project managers and other health IT professionals. Moreover, both the health care sector and the regulatory environment are changing so rapidly that it requires constant effort to stay current. In addition to these core courses, I have taught and developed other courses at the Master’s and doctoral level, such as Health Services Management, Health Services Research, and Health Economics. In 2006, I received a teaching award from Cornell, the Merrill Presidential Scholar Outstanding Educator Award. Since 2013, I have given 14 presentations at professional conferences, such as HIMSS and Academy Health, and invited lectures at various universities. I am slated to teach an MBA course in health informatics at TCU’s Neeley School of Business.

Professional activities & awards:
I have served in leadership positions at the national level, including being President of the INFORMS Health Applications Section (2002). I am currently serving as a CAHME Fellow. This has given me a prized vantage point from which to observe the best practices from other MHA programs and how they have adapted to meet the changing demands of the marketplace. I am also on the Editorial Board of various journals, such as Health Care Management Science and have served as Associate Editor of SocioEconomic Planning Sciences.

Scholarly Interests:
My primary research interests are in process redesign for improving patient safety, hospital architecture and design, health information privacy, and managerial benchmarking using Data Envelopment Analysis.  I have 20 first-authored publications in such journals as Management Science, Health Care Management Science, Health Affairs, Medical Care Research and Review, Neurology, Anesthesia and Analgesia, and Naval Research Logistics. My research on protecting the privacy of health care data is being funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF). A recent podcast followed the publication of our paper and can be found here. I received a grant from the Institute of Patient Safety (IPS) to better understand the role of private hospital rooms in reducing the risk of a hospital-acquired infection, such as MRSA and C. Diff.

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