Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences

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David Sterling, PhD
Program Director


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The PhD program in Public Health Sciences prepares professionals for research, teaching, and service with the overall objective of improving the health of populations. To meet this objective, all students in the program pursue excellence in conducting research and disseminating knowledge. The primary focus is on research that advances knowledge and facilitates discovery regarding etiology, interventions, and policies that promote health at the individual, population, societal, and/or global levels.

SOPHAS2015The PhD curriculum will provide a strong foundation in research methodology and biostatistics necessary for the public health sciences. There are five areas of specialization:

Behavioral & Community Health
Environmental Health Sciences
Health Services & Policy

The PhD program requires a minimum of 90 semester credit hours (SCH) post-baccalaureate degree and is offered on a full time or part-time basis. Any graduate credits post-baccalaureate, including master’s degree courses may be applied to coursework outlined within the PhD degree plan. A student may apply up to 42 SCH of previously taken graduate level courses toward the completion of the PhD coursework (Advanced Standing). All such courses are subject to approval by the advisor.

PhD Curriculum Outline (90 SCH)

Public Health Sciences Core Courses 33 SCH
Specialization Core & Elective Courses 45 SCH
Dissertation 12 SCH