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Master of Public Health (MPH) and Master of Health Administration (MHA) 

Fall Admission – Priority Date: March 15 (to be considered for the Dean’s Incoming Student Scholarship & Graduate Research Assistantship Awards)

Applications will be accepted up through July 1 for domestic applicants and June 1 for international applicants.

When you apply for the fall semester you may be considered for the Dean’s Incoming Student Scholarship and Graduate Assistantship position Awards. These awards are designed to recognize outstanding academic achievement. To be considered for these awards applicants must complete and submit all application materials to the Application Service prior to March 15th to allow ample time (up to 4 weeks) for the service to complete the coursework  verification  process in order to release your application to the university to meet the priority date of  March 15.

Note: MPH Maternal and Child Health admissions is offered in fall terms only.

Spring Admission– Priority Date: June 1. Applications will be accepted up through November 1 for domestic applicants and October 1 for international applicants. Special Note for Spring Applicants: The Schools of Public Health Application Service, (SOPHAS), closes its application cycle during the first week of August and reopens the next cycle during the third week of August. If you begin your application prior to August 5th you will need to complete your application and submit all necessary documentation before the cycle closes. Otherwise, begin your application after the new cycle opens in September.

Summer Admission– Priority Date: February 1. Applications will be accepted up through May 1 for domestic applicants and April 1 for international applicants.

Doctor of Public Health Practice (DrPH) and Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health Sciences (PhD)

Fall Admission – January 15. Applications will not be accepted after this date and all materials need to be received by the School of Public Health Office of Admissions by January 15th. Applicants need to allow up to 4 weeks for SOPHAS to complete the coursework verification process before your application will be released to our office.

Doctoral applicants will be considered for competitive multi-year funding packages.

Graduate Certificate in Public Health & Non Degree

Fall Admission – August 1
Spring Admission – December 1
Summer I Admission- May 15

For questions please contact the School of Public Health Office of Admission & Academic Services at 817-735-2401 or email