Abating Depression & Suicide

Grace Negudu
Grace Negedu

Grace Negedu dreams of working with international non-profit organizations that focus on global health, and the environment. She hopes to contribute to the improvement of health outcomes for communities both globally and locally. To accomplish her goals, she plans to identify stressors in the environment and look for solutions to prevent or minimize their harmful impact on human health. Grace feels the competencies she developed while obtaining her MPH at UNTHSC through coursework, professional and academic development activities, and her Practicum Experience working with the community prepared her well to achieve these goals and embark on her future career.

Grace completed her Practicum Experience as a Program Coordinator at the Jordan Elizabeth Harris Foundation. The Foundation utilizes strategic partnerships with other non-profit organizations to aid in the eradication of suicide from the community. Currently, about sixteen non-profit relationships exist. In her role, Grace maintained communication with current partners while researching and recruiting new non-profit relationships. She facilitated the current ongoing creation of relationships with over ten additional non-profit organizations. In addition, Grace conducted research to collate current statistics on suicide, assisted in database management and developed the community partnership annual meeting.

Grace’s work will have a long-term impact in the community. Partner agencies are responsible for investing in a staff member to become a QPR (Question-Persuade-Refer) Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Trainer. This trainer, in turn, provides suicide prevention training to other staff members and volunteers. They also provide support sessions to clients and family members for three years. Empowering these constituents to help conquer depression and prevent suicide could positively affect overall societal mental health while helping reduce suicide attempts and episodes within Tarrant County.