Q&A with Lucas Burns, assistant professor, Department of Physical Therapy

June 20, 2024 • Uncategorized

Burns, LucasWhat drew you to HSC and why did you accept a faculty position here?

I was initially drawn to HSC because my former PT school professor and later co-worker, Dr. Michael Furtado, became chair of the PT program. I admired his teaching style as a professor and his leadership style as a co-worker and saw him doing excellent things with the PT program. One of those things was starting the hybrid program, which I was excited to lend some of my background and experience to if I was selected for the position.

The rest of the amazing team at HSC sold the position for me during my interview. The entire team in the School of Health Professions, the DPT program, and students were welcoming, receptive and made me feel at home.

What are your favorite spots you have discovered on campus or in town?

Being a hybrid faculty member, I’ve tried to make the most of my time in town, so I’ve hit the highlights. I loved Joe T. Garcia’s, the Fort Worth Zoo is amazing, and all the hilly areas with a view on campus. I’m always open to suggestions!

What have you enjoyed most about your time here so far?

The team atmosphere for sure. I was the first hire in the hybrid program, and typically am off-site. Without a strong, communicative team in place— this situation would have the potential to feel like I’m an island and even a bit lonely. That hasn’t been the case here though! The PT team is in daily communication with me and I’ve felt 100% a member of the team.

Starting out as a new faculty member at HSC, what are your goals and what do you hope to accomplish during your time here?

My short-term goals are to work with the residential team to make the clinical education process as robust and efficient as possible for both the hybrid and residential PT cohorts. I’ve already gotten to experience how having a team with all different perspectives can lead to better and better ideas and processes.

Another goal I have is to impact student’s lives. I had some really excellent professors and mentors who impacted my life in very positive ways, and I really hope to pay that forward.

What is something you would like for students or fellow faculty members to know about you? 

I was an improv comedian throughout undergrad and PT school. I try to use humor in my teaching and leadership, and I think it works well. But I also like humor just for humor’s sake, so if you heard a good joke over the weekend, I’d love to hear it!

What are you reading or listening to right now? 

I’m always working, sleeping, eating, and breathing anything related to competency-based education, since I’m in the dissertation phase of my PhD program. But for fun, I’m reading ‘Never Split the Difference’ by Chris Voss.