PA graduate who helped save a police officer’s life still serves

May 13, 2024 • SHP News

KamperpearceBrandi Kamper didn’t give it a second thought when she heard on her radio that a fellow officer had been shot. In 2016, the former Army combat medic was a tactical medic for the Fort Worth Police Department. She and every other uniformed officer in the area rushed to the scene where Officer Matt Pearce suffered seven gunshots from two assailants he’d been chasing in West Fort Worth.

When Kamper and other officers arrived, they couldn’t find their fallen brethren. Despite the lurking danger of gunmen who had already shot a cop, Kamper and others yelled out for Pearce. When they found him, Kamper and Officer Jason Ricks, a former marine, set their fear aside and went about the business of treating him. Thanks to a series of perfectly aligned events and multiple heroes, Pearce eventually returned to duty. He was a guest at Kamper’s recent wedding.

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