Heroes in action

Unthsc Stock 030 Scaled 1 1536x1024Myles Quiben

“Dr. Quiben’s cardio class and emergency preparedness lab practicals did a great job preparing me for clinic. Currently I’m working in a private practice, and I had a patient who went into cardiac arrest and had to call 911. Looking back on the event, I realized I used all the steps she taught me for evaluation and communication with EMS, including SBAR.” –

Nathan Kent, HSC PT alumni


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Jeff Mott, PA Faculty member, was deployed with Team Rubicon to aid in hurricane relief. He mobilized as the team medic and safety officer with the lead element for the Team Rubicon Disaster Response element in support of Hurricane Laura. Team Rubicon is comprised of 123,000 military veterans putting their skills to use in support of disaster response worldwide.




141026009 488988525822749 7566632673457238294 N E1614293496549Ashley Lilburn

Ashley Lilburn, a Lifestyle Practitioner and currently a Master of Science student in our Lifestyle Medicine program. When Ashley’s young daughter started experiencing unexplained chronic illness, it pushed her to delve much deeper into Neuropathic Healing and grew her passion for empowering individuals and families to explore their health and healing journey.




Screen Shot 2021 02 26 At 3.57.03 Pm E1614788786652Diversity and inclusion

The School of Health Professions is more than a place to receive an education – We are a community! Our community of health professionals are committed to creating a diverse and equal opportunity for all individuals. Our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Team works day-in and day-out to promote an understanding of diversity in thought practice and health care education to meet the needs of a dynamic global society.