Twelve faculty authored publications in 2023!

Dr. Leslie Ayres:

Brockway K, Ayres L, Shoemaker M. Putting It all Together: An Evidence-Based Guide to Hgh-Intensity Interval Exercise Based Guide to High-Intensity Interval Exercise Prescription for Patients with Complex Comorbidities. Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy Journal.

Dr. Charlie Nichols:

LiuH, Nichols CW, Zhang H. Understanding Yin-Concept behind Tai Chi Practice. Yang Philosophic Concept behind Tai Chi Practice. Holistic Nursing Practice.37(5).

Dr. Lee Atkins:

Yang HS, James CR, Atkins LT, Sawyer SF, Sizer PS, Kumar NA, Burgess NE, Kim J. Exploration of arm weight effects on hemiparetic stroke subjects gait performance. Clinical Miobomechanics, 102: 102107

Dr. Jeegisha Kapila:

Vintimilla A, Sizer P, James R, Hooper T, Lu H, A, Sizer P, James R, Hooper T, Lu H, Natescan K, Kapila J.  Exercise-induced Central Fatigue Effects On Cervical Joint Position Error, Strength, And Endurance. Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 55(9S):p 422

Dr. Mindy Brummett:

Brummett M, Porteous M, Ferraro S, Ranes K. Physical Therapy Interventions to Improve Quality of Life and Lumbopelvic Pain in Pregnant Women: A literature review. Journal of Women’s Health Physical Therapy.

Dr. Marc Crawford:

Baumann AN, Orellana K, Landis L, Crawford M, Oleson CJ, Rogers H, Curtis DP, Baldwin KD. The McKenzie Method Is an Effective Rehabilitation Paradigm for Treating Adults With Moderate-to-Severe Neck Pain: A Systematic Review With Meta-Analysis. Cureus. 19. 12(5)ce39218.

Analysis. Cureus. 19;15(5):e39218.

Dr. Myles Quiben:

Lusardi MM, Hartley GW, Leach SJ, Gras LZ, Larkin M, Miller K, Quiben M. The Case for Developing a Movement System Framework for Older Adults. Physical Therapy. Volume 103, Issue 10.

Babin C, Salem Y, Quiben M, Davis B. Interprofessional Education (IPE) Faculty Development – A Literature Review. Health, Interprofessional Practice and Education. Health,  Interprofessional Practice and Education. Health, Interprofessional Practice and Education. 5 (2): 1–26.

Dr. Michael Furtado:

Furtado, M, Arthungal, J, Reynolds, A. Podcast implementation in an entry-level doctor of physical therapy first-semester course: Student perceptions and impact on academic performance. Journal of Educational Research and Practice, 13, 270–284.

Furtado M. Importance of Entrance Testing in Prediction of Academic Difficulty in the First Semester of a Graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Semester of a Graduate Doctor of Physical Therapy Program. Journal of Allied Health. 52(2), e 31-e37.

Richard T, Furtado M, McGaugh J, Nguyen B. Misinformation and Impact on Interprofessional Healthcare Students’ Knowledge, Attitudes, Perceptions, and Concerns of COVID-19. Journal of Allied Health. 52(2), 97-103.

Brusola, G, Garcia, E, Albosta, M, Daly, A, Kafes, K, Frutatdo, M. Effectiveness of physical therapy interventions on post-stroke spasticity: An umbrella review. NeuorRehabilitation, 52(3), 349-363.

30 poster, platform, and education presentations at state, national and international conferences!