From EAD to MET to IREB, you have educated hundreds of physical therapists on all corners of this campus. From Dr. Clayton Holmes to Dr. Yasser Salem to Dr. Myles Quiben to Dr. Michael Furtado, you have been led to excel in all aspects of teaching, research and service. In 2023, you celebrate 10 years of graduating physical therapists who have gone on to embody your mission, which is to “create solutions for a healthier community.” You have seen more than 60 faculty and staff come through the doors, graduated nearly 450 physical therapists, and have improved the lives of thousands of people in society.

This program has seen countless hours of classroom learning, hands-on clinical experiences in simulation and IPE, research and service projects, sleepless study nights and plenty of transformative journeys. You have seen the PT students absolutely trounce the PA students in flag football year after year. This is the place where some found a degree and a career, some found love in a spouse, but all found a place where they laughed, learned, cried. They came, and they went … and it was great to see them come back today.

7Your campus, nestled here in Fort Worth, provided a beautiful backdrop for education and life. Friendships and relationships have been built here, and this program brought us all together, united by a common purpose. Your students fostered their passion for the well-being of others. Your faculty and staff learned patience, resilience and had the opportunity to educate the next generation.

And so, HSC DPT, we want to express our gratitude for those who have come before us, those who are here with us, and those who will come after us. You are not just an educational program, you are a life-changing experience and place — a journey of personal and professional growth, and a source of inspiration for the future.

We hope to continue to carry the values, skills and compassion we’ve learned here so that every patient we encounter will, in some way, be touched by the excellence of this program.

From the alumni, faculty, staff, students and patients,


Thank you HSC DPT for 10 years, and cheers to the next 10!


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