Résumés and CVs

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Résumés and CVs

Résumés and curricula vitae should be considered important aspects of marketing yourself as a professional to potential employers. Most people use the terms curriculum vitae and résumé interchangeably. Typically, curricula vitae are used for academic positions that include research and/or teaching activities, while résumés are considered the appropriate term for all other types of positions. These two types of documents contain much of the same information, but may vary in content and style.

Contracting Information

One of the most important aspects of career planning is understanding how and what to negotiate with your prospective employer. Not all Physician Assistants choose to work under contracts with their employers, however, if you feel that this is an important document, you should probably have your contract reviewed by an attorney.

The AAPA has expanded information on their web site about important contract items:

  • Terms and Termination
  • When to Renew Your Contract
  • Credentials and Privileges
  • Malpractice Insurance
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Disability and Disputes
  • Sick Leave
  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Status

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