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MatLab Team Players

Sarika Chaudhari2

Sarika Chaudhari, MD, PhD
Lab Manager

Sarika is a Postdoctoral Research Associate with an MD in Physiology from India.  Her previous research involved the molecular mechanisms associated with diabetic nephropathy.  her current research interest comprises the immune mechanisms contributing to the pathogenesis of systemic lupus erythematosus in mouse models. She is operational towards establishing a career in academics and as an independent research. She likes to explore nature with her family in her free-time and other hobbies include painting, badminton and music.





Viet Dinh

Viet Dinh
MS Student

Viet is a first year graduate student in physiology. He graduated from TCU in 2019 with a Bachelor of Science in biology, and his ultimate goal is to obtain a PhD and teach as a professor. Outside the lab, he has a great love for movies, shows, and video games and will happily go on for hours talking about them. His latest obsessions are X-Men, Hamilton, and the Game of Thrones books.







Caroline Gusson Shimoura Almeida Lima
Postdoctoral Fellow









Keanna Johnson
Keanna Johnson
Promoting Diversity in Research Training for Health Professionals (PDRT) Student








Cassandra Young Stubbs

Cassandra Young-Stubbs
Research Assistant

Cassandra is researcher with over 8 years of experience in chronic rodent survival surgeries and acute rodent surgeries. She worked as a Lab Technician and Researcher at The University of Mississippi Medical Center where she provided diligent and responsible animal care that involved the husbandry of various species of animals. She’s now a Research Assistant here at UNT Health Science Center where she continues to provide research support by assisting in animal studies and various surgeries such as chronic catheterizations and implantation of osmotic pumps. In her free time she enjoys dancing, piano, and spending time with family and friends.





MatLab Alumni

Sulaimon BakreNaima Batson (5)Calvin Brookscourtney-dayluke-dcunha Bradley Dsouza






amber-fairleyDan FancherRusty HartmanKim SuhhyunDennis KulpBrandon Johnson






Karlie Johnsoncharles-maloyTanya MichaelsJessica Moraleseduvie-ojegbaBilly Osazuwa






maitry-patelGrace PhamShyam VedantamOrlexia Thomas2Emily WilliamsJeremy Williams






Researcher, their degree and university affiliation at the time of matriculation (names appear in the same order as pictures)

Sulaimon “Ade” Bakre (UNT); Summer 2017 (Volunteer)
Naima Batson (Howard University); Summer 2019 (HSC SMART)
Calvin Brooks (UNTHSC); January 2021-April 2022 (Rotating Student)
Courtney Day (University of Southern Mississippi); Summer 2015 (HSC SMART)
Luke D’Cuhna (UNTHSC Med Sci); August 2016-May 2017 (SAME Volunteer)
Bradley D’Souza (UNTHSC Med Sci Research Track): August 2019-May 2020 (MS Student)
Amber Fairley (UNTHSC); January 2015-April 2015 (Lab Assistant)
Daniel Fancher (UNT); June 2016-August 2017 (Lab Assistant)
Rusty Hartman (UNTHSC GSBS); December 2019-July 2021 (MS Student)
Suhhyun “Sarah” Kim
 (UNTHSC TCOM and GSBS); July 2017-November 2017 (Rotating Graduate Student)
Dennis Kulp (UNTHSC TCOM); July 2017-May 2020 (Volunteer)
Brandon Lovelace (Southern University); Summer 2022 (HSC SMART)
Karlie Johnson (Alcorn University); Summer 2022 (HSC DURA-M)
Charles Maloy (UNTHSC TCOM); June 2014-May 2015 (TCOM Summer Research and Honors Practicum)
Tanya Michaels (Rutgers University); February 2017-June 2017 (Volunteer)
Jessica Morales (UNTHSC); March 2019-November 2020 (Lab Assistant)
Eduvie Ojegba
(Tuskegee University); Summer 2014 (HSC SMART)
Billy Osazuwa (Texas Southern University); Summer 2017 (Volunteer)
Maitryben Patel (UNTHSC TCOM); Summer 2014 (TCOM Summer Research)
Grace Pham (UNTHSC TCOM and GSBS); August 2015-May 2020 (DO/PhD Student)
Orlexia Thomas
(Texas Christian University); Summer 2017 (Volunteer)
Shyam Vedantam (UNTHSC TCOM); June 2017-April 2018 (TCOM Summer Research and Honors Practicum)
Emily Williams, M.S. (UNTHSC GSBS); January 2018-August 2018 (Graduate Student)
Jeremy Williams (Xavier University); May 2018-July 2018 (HSC SMART)

*SMART–Summer Multicultural Advancement Research Training; DURA-M–Developing Undergraduate Researchers Matter; PDRT–Promoting Diversity in Research Training for Health Professionals